Gratifii (ASX:GTI) strikes deal with Click Frenzy


  • Software business Gratifii signs a three-year contract with e-commerce platform Click Frenzy to supply its Mosaic Enterprise Rewards platform. 
  • Under the contract, Click Frenzy, too, will license GTI’s card-linked offer module. 
  • This is the first contract that represents the implementation of GTI’s Mosaic platform.

The ASX-listed software and service company Gratifii Limited (ASX:GTI) has announced that it has signed a three-year contract to supply its Mosaic Enterprise Rewards platform to the leading e-commerce events platform Click Frenzy.

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About the contract:

As shared by GTI, the contract has marked the first Australian implementation of the new Mosaic platform, highlighting the flexibility and functionality of the enterprise software system and its capability to deal with scale for Click Frenzy’s 1.7 million members.

According to the contract terms, Click Frenzy will also licence Gratifii’s Card Linked Offer module, which has been recently developed in partnership with local fintech company OpenSparkz. It has provided Click Frenzy’s merchants with the ability to offer flexible and timely incentives to its shoppers, with an initial focus on card-linked offers diminishing the requirements for loyalty cards, coupons or offer codes.

This 3-year contract offers a minimum license fee of AU$360,000 in SaaS-based revenue for GTI, representing a material increase in contracted revenues for the Mosaic Software product. In addition to that, revenues are expected to be generated by the forecast increasing transaction volumes over the contract term.

Meanwhile, on the ASX, the GTI stock has closed trading, 5.556% lower at AU$0.034 per share today.

Bottom line:

The unique collaboration of the three leading Australian tech platform providers, GTI, Open Sparks and Click Frenzy, would allow Click Frenzy’s 1.7 million members to have immediate access to best-in-class, low-friction rewards programs with benefits for merchants and shoppers.





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