Creating Winning Environment for Employees in Era of Digital Workplace Through ASX-Listed REFFIND’s (RFN) WooBoard

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Creating Winning Environment for Employees in Era of Digital Workplace Through ASX-Listed REFFIND’s (RFN) WooBoard

 Creating Winning Environment for Employees in Era of Digital Workplace Through ASX-Listed REFFIND’s (RFN) WooBoard


  • Physical workspaces are no longer mandatory as number of jobs can be performed across places on the back of hi-tech developments.
  • Technological advancements and uncontrollable factors like COVID-19 have changed the way organisations function today.
  • Simultaneously, the need for creating a winning work environment to keep employees motivated has gained significant attention in recent times.
  • REFFIND’s employee recognition platform WooBoard is loaded with pioneering features that help to create a win-win situation for employees as well as employers by offering public, instant and meaningful recognition.

Physical office spaces and keeping employees occupied during routine work hours seem a thing of the past now. Modern-day offices are always connected and are surrounded by the environment of on-the-go access. The physical workspaces are no longer a must-have for getting a job done. Moreover, the advent of technology has blurred the distinction between physical office space and the place where employees perform their job.

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The changing ways, of working in a highly competitive environment, demand more positively powered work cultures which motivate employees to win in the marketplace. However, to become a winner in the marketplace, one needs to establish success at workplace.

What does it take to establish a winning atmosphere for employees at work?

Some researchers believe that “creating a positive work environment where employees feel motivated to work” is the mantra to creating a winning environment for employees. Employee recognition helps to create this positive work environment and keep employees motivated towards work.

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However, motivating employees always garner less attention across several organisations. Moreover, many modern-day organisations lack suitable employee recognition methods despite knowing the imperative role of the same in organisational success.

Undoubtedly, contemporary workplaces have evolved from head to toe and have become more digitally driven, especially with the emergence of COVID-19.

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Changing Workplace Characteristics

These modern-day digital workplaces transform technology, employees, and business practices digitally to enhance working competence and achieve goals. Opportunistically, digital workplaces use cloud services, artificial intelligence and other supporting stuff like devices and software or platforms that employees can use to carry out their jobs.

The all-time connectivity facilitates collaboration and process flow by allowing remote access to the company information all the time and helps to overcome the challenges like geographical barriers.

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Another important characteristic of the modern-day workforce is the growing number of millennials that are dominating the workplace. Notably, this growing class of workforce does not tend to engage in traditional recognition methods.

Innovative solutions available in the market are making news amid the need for employee recognition in the highly competitive market for talent acquisition.

WooBoard Facilitating Meaningful and Instant Recognition

Software-as-a-service solutions company revolutionising employee peer recognition, REFFIND Limited (ASX:RFN) has developed a ground-breaking employee recognition platform, WooBoard that helps in creating a positive culture of recognition at the workplace.

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Being a technology-driven solution for employee recognition, WooBoard is packed with industry-leading features that empower employees to beat numerous challenges commonly associated with deploying recognition programs and recognising employees.

As many organisations have already adopted a completely new working environment, other organisations are looking to adopt the same through integrating new and relevant technologies. SaaS-empowered WooBoard is a lightweight solution that influences employee engagement discussions across rapidly evolving industries.

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RFN’s WooBoard allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve in the increasingly competitive market for talent and is an effective way to celebrate success, reward employees and motivate them to work better.

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By helping to retain top talent, increase productivity, and reduce sick days, WooBoard helps businesses to boost the profitability of the organisation, as engaged employees tend to have higher profitability and productivity as compared to non-engaged employees.

Furthermore, WooBoard is designed to offer instant, public, and meaningful recognition to employees while providing visibility on all the impressive jobs that employees do and inspires others.

Clearly, effective and timely employee recognition helps to establish a winning environment for the employees where they are motivated to work efficiently and with minimum absenteeism.

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