8 ASX tech shares to watch in September 2021


  • ASX 200 Information Technology sector has delivered a QTD return of 7.33%.
  • Many players from this sector announced their financial results.
  • WiseTech, Yojee, Bigtincan are few companies that delivered impressive growth in the last month.

Many businesses have announced their June 2021 quarter earnings releases during the current September ending quarter and have revealed further progress attained in the current quarter. These developments have influenced their share price in the past one month significantly.

In this article, we would look at eight ASX-listed tech stocks that have impressed investors with their performance and positive outlook, making them watch stocks in September 2021.

WiseTech Global Limited (ASX:WTC)

WiseTech Global is the provider of software solutions to the logistics industry globally. The Company announced solid FY2021 results during August 2021 with an 18% growth in the total revenue to AU$507.5 million compared to FY2020. CargoWise (WTC’s flagship platform) revenue improved by 26% to AU$331.6 million. The Company continued to gain momentum in its market entrance with 6 new CargoWise global rollouts by huge global freight forwarders during the period. Further, WTC has a strong pipeline of prospective new global clients. WTC’s underlying profit grew 101% to AU$105.8 million. It announced a final dividend of AU3.85 cents.


ASX Tech Stocks to watch in September 2021


If the existing market conditions do not change, WTC expects its FY2022 revenue growth in between 18% to 25% and EBITDA growth between 26% to 38%..

In the last month, WTC shares delivered a return of ~52.16%. On 2 September 2021, WTC closed the day's session at AU$48.99, Up 1.114% from the previous close.

Yojee Limited (ASX:YOJ)

Yojee Limited is a cloud-based SaaS logistics platform that enables the flow of freight movements into a single ecosystem. Thus, making the complex process of managing land process simple and accessible to all players.

The Company delivered record revenue in the June 2021 quarter. Recurring Revenue grew significantly during the year. The Company is displaying considerable growth in its pipeline following the release of announcements related to signing expansion agreements across APAC with its Enterprise Clients, including more than 19 nations.

On 23 August 2021, the Company signed a 2-year deal with CEVA Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd to provide its solutions in Singapore.

In the last month, YOJ shares delivered a return of 30.29%. On 2 September 2021, YOJ closed the day's session at AU$0.225, up 2.272% from the previous close.

Bigtincan Holdings Limited (ASX:BTH)

Bigtincan Holdings is a global leader in sales enablement software. In FY2021, the Company achieved AU$53.1 million in annualised recurring revenue, up 48% compared to FY2020. FY2021 Revenue improved by 42% to AU$43.9 million. It had AU$56.7 million by the end of FY2021 (period ended 30 June 2021).

In FY2022, BTH would focus on winning new clients. It would also look into its ongoing growth via upselling existing customers. BTH would invest in technology to assist growth in digital as well as mobility offering long-term value for the business.

On 25 August 2021, BTH completed the Placement and Institutional Entitlement Offer and raised AU$79.4 million. It expects to raise ~AU$56 million via the retail component of the Entitlement Offer. The proceeds would be used to support the acquisition of Brainshark.

In the last month, BTH shares delivered a return of ~24.78%. On 2 September 2021, BTH closed the day's session flat at AU$1.395.

Family Zone Cyber Safety Limited (ASX:FZO)

Family Zone Cyber Safety Limited is an evolving leader in the rising global cyber safety industry. The Company delivered solid June 2021 quarterly results and reported 95% growth in annual recurring revenue to AU$15.3 million.

FZO’s sales outlook is at record levels driven by substantial funding in USA K-12 along with the Company’s growing reputation. The Company is in progress in Canada with several deals won and is participating in procurement processes representing above 200,000 students. Also, in the coming months, a full-scale US consumer launch is planned as students return to school.

On 17 August 2021, FZO completed the acquisition of Smoothwall for AU$142.0 million

In the last month, FZO shares delivered a return of ~7.25%. On 2 September 2021, FZO closed the day's session at AU$0.75, up 1.351% from the previous close.

Dicker Data Limited (ASX:DDR)

Dicker Data is ASX-listed technology hardware, software, and cloud distributor. The Company delivered solid 1H FY2021 results with a 6.3% growth in total revenue to AU$1,069.3 million. Net PBT for the period was AU$45.9 million. NPAT increased improved 9.2% to AU$32.1 million.

Because of the rise in the COVID-19 cases in Australia, DDR feels that the need for digital and innovative solutions would be critical to business continuity, resilience, and survival. The ongoing lockdowns have forced companies to accelerate the next phase of their digital transformation agendas.

On 09 August 2021, DDR announced the completion of the acquisition of the Exceed Group. Through this acquisition, Dicker Data NZ would become the second biggest IT distributor in New Zealand with projected revenue of more than NZ$500 million for the combined entities.

DDR’s performance was almost flat in the last month. On 2 September 2021, DDR closed the day's session at AU$14.08, up 5.074% from the previous close.

Advanced Human Imaging Limited (ASX:AHI)

Advanced Human Imaging has developed and patented a proprietary dimensioning technology that enables its users to check, track, and evaluate their dimensions via smartphone. In the June 2021 quarter, the Company reported a 312% improvement in the cash received from the customers to AU$165K on pcp.

On 27 August 2021, the Company announced the public filing of a registration statement via Foreign Issuer Form F-1 with US SEC related to a proposed US public offering of American Depositary Shares.

On 18 August 2021, AHI updated about the progress of the WinScan re-launch of Tinjoy marketing platform, The Health Cube. The Company noted that there was an additional 30K registrations in preparation for the launch of the Tinjoy Biotech Limited owned WinScan App. Tinjoy Biotech is a state-of-the-art producer of supplements and Traditional Chinese Medicines. The Company is targeting 1,000,000 users by Christmas 2021.

In the last month, AHI shares delivered a return of 16.38%. On 2 September 2021, AHI closed the day's session at AU$1.33, down 2.206% from the previous close.

Openpay Group Ltd (ASX:OPY)

BNPL player Openpay delivered strong FY2021 results with 69% growth in the active customers to 541K and 77% growth in active merchants to 3.8K compared to the previous corresponding period. Openpay ended FY2021 with a revenue margin of 7.6%.

OPY aims to become the partner of choice in FY2022. OPY believes that wholesale distribution, based on integration partnerships with aggregators & ecosystems would help in getting more customers.

On 26 August 2021, the Company signs a major US partnership with Kyriba for OpyPro B2B SaaS platform for trade account management to Kyriba’s US-based enterprise client.

In the last month, OPY shares delivered a return of 3.13%. On 2 September 2021, OPY closed the day's session at AU$1.325, down 2.215% from the previous close.

Objective Corporation Limited (ASX:OCL)

Objective Corporation is a software company focusing on enterprise content management. OCL announced solid FY2021 results with 36% growth in revenue to AU$95.056 million and 46% growth in net profit to AU$16.086 million. It declared a final dividend of AU9 cents.

In FY2022, the Company would be committed to its strategy to attract New Fans. OCL’s global footprint along with its deep relationship with clients results in referring the Company to other businesses.

In the last month, OCL shares delivered a return of ~13.20%. On 2 September 2021, OCL closed the day's session at AU$19.89, up 0.708% from the previous close.





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