7 small-cap stocks to explore ahead of Thanksgiving

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7 small-cap stocks to explore ahead of Thanksgiving

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  • Small-cap stocks offer significant growth potential to investors, especially high-risk growth-oriented investors. 
  • Even when considering small-cap stocks, investors need to look at companies with resilient business models.
  • Many ASX-listed small-cap stocks have delivered strong performance in the last one year.

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and it is not long before many would find themselves cherry-picking the gifts for their dear ones or deciding on the menu for their special dinner. But, while the festive season is about many things, from meeting people to taking breaks, today’s current landscape of marketing and promotions may burn a hole in our pocket if we are not careful enough. 

With the shopaholic longings riding high, it’s better to set aside some of the income before you go on a shopping spree. Investment in small caps would help better manage your income and provide significant returns in the current low-interest-rate scenario. 

On that note, let us look at seven small-cap ASX stocks that have delivered more than 100% return in the last one year. 

Zeotech Limited (ASX: ZEO)

Mineral processing technology company, Zeotech has partnered with The University of Queensland and Griffith University to develop synthetic zeolites for a sustainable future. Notably, synthetic zeolites can hold cations, like heavy metals, low-level radioactive elements, ammonia, toxins, and petrochemicals, making them effective in wastewater treatment applications, water filters, and ion exchangers.

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In addition, the Company recently announced that it is progressing to the National Phase of the patent granting procedure for its mineral processing technology for the manufacturing of zeolites across several jurisdictions, including Australia, Canada, China, United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom.  

Weebit Nano Limited (ASX: WBT)

A leading developer of next-generation semiconductor memory technology, Weebit Nano has designed Resistive RAM (ReRAM), which addresses the growing need for significantly lower power memory and higher performance solutions in several new electronic products.

Together with its development partner CEA-Leti, the Company has demonstrated its ReRAM technology’s production-level parameters in a 28 nanometre (nm) process. 

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Race Oncology (ASX: RAC)

Precision oncology company Race Oncology has a Phase 2/3 cancer drug called Zantrene®, which inhibits the Fatso/Fat mass and obesity associated (FTO) protein. Notably, FTO’s overexpression has been shown to drive several cancers genetically. 

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The Company was recently issued a fifth patent for Zantrene® in the United States. The latest US patent provided additional protection to Race Oncology around the formulation, composition and use of Zantrene®. 

Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB)

World’s leading cloud-based call recording and voice AI provider, Dubber is unlocking the potential of voice data from any call or conversation.

The Company’s innovative solution allows service providers to record conversations from virtually any source. It turns these conversations into AI-enriched insights for varying purposes such as compliance, revenue, customer, and people intelligence. 

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Dubber recently acquired Brisbane-based technology group Notiv, which develops cloud-native AI-based products that turn meetings into transcribed notes, signals, summaries, actions, etc. 

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Janison Education Group Limited (ASX: JAN)

An education technology pioneer, Janison delivers high-stake, high-scale, online assessments for educators, corporations and governments, serving millions of students present across more than 120 countries.

The Company recently reached an agreement to acquire school assessments business, Quality Assessment Tasks, which is an Australian market leader engaged in developing school assessments for Year 11 and 12 subjects.

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Burgundy Diamond Mines (ASX: BDM)

Global diamond explorer Burgundy is focused on developing projects and producing polished diamonds. Through a vertically integrated business model, BDM intends to become a leading mid-cap diamond company. 

Since mid-2020, the Company has acquired three diamond projects. Moreover, Burgundy Diamond recently completed its first purchase of third-party rough diamonds.

City Chic Collective Limited (ASX: CCX)

Global omnichannel retailer City Chic Collective provides plus-size apparel, accessories, and footwear for women.

The Company’s sales revenue for FY21 edged up by 33% over the previous year to AU$258.5 million. The global customer base growth of 61% YOY was recorded by City Chic, with its active customers reaching 1.07 million. 


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