Woolworths’s (ASX:WOW) new trial says ‘NO’ to plastic bags at checkouts in select stores


  • Woolworths has very quietly declared a new of its kind trial checkout feature to gather praise from its environmentally concerned customers.
  • In this trial which is likely to continue for a few months, shoppers will not be able to purchase 15 cents a plastic bag at any checkout in 17 stores situated across West Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania.

In a latest development, Australian retail giant Woolworths Group Limited (ASX:WOW) has declared a new of its kind trial checkout feature to gather praise from its environmentally concerned customers. 

The new checkout feature will start across the Australian stores next week. It is believed that from coming Thursday, select stores in the country's supermarket will ultimately say No to plastics at their respective checkouts. 

Reportedly, a Woolworths spokesperson said that the reusable paper bags will be provided to only those customers who do not have their bags during the trials. The spokesperson also revealed that five more stores in Queensland would join the trial next month. 

Meanwhile, Woolworths maintained that less than 15% of transactions included the buying of a new bag. The trial will help the Company establish itself as a sustainable and eco-friendly retailer. 

The trial will build on the supermarket's move towards becoming a more sustainable retailer, removing over 2500 tonnes of plastic across packaging initiatives from packaging in the last 12 months. The Company revealed in its Sustainability Report announced earlier this month that it has since F18, it has removed more than 6,000 tonnes of plastic packaging from circulation compared to the year. 

Bottom Line

The new plastic bag-free checkout trial sends a message to the world that the retail giant is trying to find ways to conserve the environment. Besides, through this initiative, it also appears that environment and sustainability remain the Company's priority. 





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