Woodside CFO Sherry Duhe resigns to join ASX-listed Newcrest Mining


  • Woodside CFO Sherry Duhe bids goodbye to Woodside Petroleum.
  • The resignation came when the company was seeking a $41 billion merger with BHP Petroleum.
  • Duhe will stay with the company till the first quarter of 2022.

Chief Financial Officer of Woodside Petroleum Ltd (ASX: WPL), Sherry Duhe, bids goodbye just when the oil and gas producing company seeks a $41 billion merger with BHP Petroleum.

Duhe will join another ASX-listed mining company Newcrest Mining Ltd. He will start working with the new company in the first quarter of 2022. Until then, Duhe will remain associated with Woodside to ensure the transition of her responsibilities smoothly. However, she will be leaving the scrip-based takeover of BHP petroleum in the middle as it is expected to be completed by June 2022.

Duhe will remain active in completing major deals of Woodside, such as a $16 billion investment in the Scarborough gas project based in Western Australia and the sale of equity interest in two projects.

Previously held roles at Royal Dutch Shell, Duke Energy, ExxonMobil and J.M Huber Corporation, Duhe resignation comes after several delays in the commercial deals.

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Bottom Line

The resignation of the CFO got tremendous attention as it comes when Woodside is on the verge of completing the merger with BHP.





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