De.mem (ASX:DEM) to implement next-gen membrane technology shortly, shares rise on ASX


  • De.mem has launched Graphine Oxide enhance membrane technology as its ‘next-generation’ hollow-fibre membrane technology.
  • The implementation of the technology could give rise to the Company’s existing membrane market to US$16 billion in the coming years.
  • The Company believes the Graphene Oxide enhanced membrane technology to be the game-changer for De.mem in the upcoming years.

In its latest announcement, the ASX-listed water and waste management company De.mem Limited (ASX:DEM) has presented its next-generation hollow-fibre membrane technology. This technology is capable of giving rise to the existing global US$9.4 billion hollow-fibre membrane market to US$16 billion by 2026.

About Graphene Oxide enhanced membrane:

De.mem’s new technology, Graphene Oxide enhanced membrane, is based on De.mem’s existing polymer membranes. The polymer membranes are infused with GO nanoparticles as an additive. As a result, the manufacturing process is highly scalable, consistent with existing manufacturing processes.

The Company has described Graphene as the new ‘wonder material’ as it is one of the strongest, lightest, most conductive and transparent materials, in the history of humanity, with increased durability relative to other materials.

How does Graphene work?

Graphene has numerous applications in water and wastewater treatment. When oxygen groups are added to create graphene oxide (GO), the material promotes rapid water permeation, delivers a substantially higher water flux (throughput), and increases rejection over current state-of-the-art hollow-fibre membranes. At the same time, it displays a lower fouling tendency of the membrane.

About De.mem:

De.mem Limited is a company that deals mainly in water and waste management. The Company was established in 2013, and it operates on the waste management segment in both industrial and municipal waste. The Company is known for giving excellent solutions to modern-day waste management issues in industries including mining, oil and gas, chemicals, electronics, food and beverages, etc.

Meanwhile, on the ASX, the DEM stock was spotted trading 8% higher at AU$0.270 per share at 10:40 AM AEST.


The Company has anticipated that the addition of the new Graphene Oxide enhanced membranes to its intellectual property portfolio is a significant one. The latest technology of improved flux and high filtration of contaminants adds value to its business leading the Company to the top.





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