Why partner with Superior People Recruitment in staffing journey

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Why partner with Superior People Recruitment in staffing journey

Superior People Recruitment solution
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  • November 2021 witnessed a 74% increase in job vacancies when compared with the period before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The spike in vacancies has been driven by the high demand for workers from businesses emerging from lockdowns and ongoing labour shortages.
  • Superior People Recruitment provides affordable recruitment and staffing solutions across diverse sectors.

Job vacancies continue to reach new record highs amid the COVID-19 pandemic as businesses rebound from lockdown challenges. In November 2021, 396,000 job vacancies were recorded in Australia, 169,000 more than before the start of the pandemic, according to seasonally adjusted figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The above figure represents around 74% increase in job vacancies when compared to the period before the pandemic commenced. As per Bjorn Jarvis, head of Labour Statistics at the ABS, “the high demand for workers from businesses emerging from lockdowns, together with ongoing labour shortages, particularly in lower paying industries”.

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Increase in job vacancies

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In the ongoing scenario when there is stiff competition among businesses to onboard the right candidate, Superior People Recruitment can prove highly valuable to power the candidate search and staffing process. Let us look at why Superior People Recruitment is the perfect ally for employers in the current situation.

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Strong track record

Employee retention following the recruitment is equally important for an employer. Superior People Recruitment not only provides a specialist level of service to a diverse level of businesses but also boasts an industry leading retention rate of placements.

The fact that more than 72% of all candidates placed by Superior People Recruitment have remained with the employer for at least 12 months or more speaks volumes about its recruitment success.

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Furthermore, Superior People Recruitment acknowledges investment in staff to be imperative to a business’ operation and success. Thus, candidates offered by the Company can be seen to possess the superior skill level, culture fit and quality of character essential for any organisation.

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The entire process of recruiting staff can turn out to be a significant cost burden for a business, especially when they are vying to amp up their operations post the lifting of restrictions.

Therefore, affordability must be factored in when selecting the recruitment agency. On this front, Superior People Recruitment’s philosophy that recruitment should be attainable and affordable for all businesses can effectively align with employer’s cost-focused approach.

Superior People Recruitment is designed to provide rational and ethical cost structures that challenge industry standard recruitment fees and maintain excellence and quality in personnel placement.

Guaranteed Replacement

Superior People Recruitment is transforming the recruitment model, moving away from the traditional recruitment structure and providing businesses with a 6-month guaranteed replacement period.

This serious alternative to incurring the high costs differentiates the Company and makes its clients keep coming back for more.

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Large Operational base

Superior People Recruitment operates across all major cities in Australia, with its portfolio covering a wide array of sectors.

What’s more, its experienced and outstanding team of consultants offer an innovative and quality employment solution.

Superior People Recruitment also operates outside its standard business hours to provide its clients with a comprehensive and uncomplicated consultation process.


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