Vanadium Resources (ASX:VR8) cashes in on high-yield metallurgical test results

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Vanadium Resources (ASX:VR8) cashes in on high-yield metallurgical test results

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  • Vanadium Resources reports a 99.3% yield of V2O5 during the metallurgical test work using ESG Technology.
  • The test work delivered a high extraction yield for by-products, including iron, titanium and aluminium.
  • Vanadium Resources and its JV partner, TCM Research, is working on the development of ESG Technology for the Steelpoortdrift Project.

Vanadium Resources Limited (ASX:VR8) reports encouraging results from metallurgical test works using its proprietary ESG Technology. The feed from the Steelpoortdrift Project delivered a high extraction yield of vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) along with iron, titanium and aluminium.

The metallurgical test work was undertaken in two stages to confirm parameters for the technological development of the extraction process. VR8 reports that the project will continue to develop on the basis of the Salt Roast process, while ESG Technology is being developed separately.

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Test furnace set up (Image source: Company update, 16 November 2021)

Test results

VR8 conducted a series of tests over a range of temperature and reductant concentration conditions for deriving empirically optimal parameters. The feed material used in the test has the following concentration:

Concentrate composition of VR8/CONC2/19/04/2021 sample 776920 (Data source: Company update, 24 November 2021)

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 Stage 1 results

Stage 1 of the process involves selective extraction and separation of iron and vanadium. Near-optimal Stage 1 extraction parameters were attained in test FS-5B. Metal concentrations achieved are presented in the below table:

Stage 1 metal extraction (Data source: Company update, 24 November 2021)

The test demonstrates high selectivity for iron (95.9%) and vanadium (95.6%) while the rejection of titanium, whose yield remained low at 4.1%.

The rejected part of the feed containing titanium is then used for Stage 2 of the test work process.

Stage 2 results

The residue from Stage 1 acted as a feed material for the Stage 2 test designated as test BL-A. The temperature parameter was not varied during the test work. The result is shown in the below table:

Stage 2 metal extraction (Data source: Company update, 24 November 2021)

From the data in the table, it could be seen that the yield of titanium can be significantly increased during the Stage 2 process. Also, the process extracted the remaining iron, vanadium and aluminium from the residue material from Stage 1.

VR8 reported that the combined extraction yield from the two stages is above 99% for iron, vanadium and titanium.

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Simplified illustration of ESG Technology process (Image source: Company update, 1 April 2021)

TCM Research developed the innovative ESG Technology process, which has the potential to produce battery-grade vanadium pentoxide and high-end vanadium products with a provision to extract iron, titanium, silicon and aluminium as by-products.

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VR8 had announced its plan to acquire integrated ESG processing technology through an earn-in JV. In its market update of 16 November 2021, VR8 reported that it had successfully registered joint venture company TCM-VR in the Republic of Ireland.

Also, all the Intellectual Property (IP) had been transferred to JV. Also, a Preliminary Feasibility Study has commenced for the project, and Resonant Nuteq has been selected as a preferred engineering support contractor.    

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Shares of VR8 were trading at AU$0.073 with a market cap of AU$36.42 million on 26 November 2021.


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