Stratiform offers a range of training services for your business

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Stratiform offers a range of training services for your business

Teambuilding and training
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  • Stratiform offers a range of training services for businesses that scale from general CRM users to executive management.
  • Stratiform has a technique of training that allows the staff to immediately understand the power of the Salesforce platform and how it will save them time.
  • Focused training for the sales team will boost their performance and overall profitability of the business.

The success and smooth functioning of a business greatly depend on the skills and abilities of its workforce. Training is one of the vital elements to keep up with the changing requirements of the industry, especially software training and boost the efficiency of the employees to overcome challenges.

The impact of training can be easily evaluated through the increased overall productivity and the progress of the company

Stratiform’s training solutions

Many times, organisations will implement Salesforce but delay or overlook the importance of training.  Stratiform offers a wide range of training solutions designed specifically for highly skilled Sales and management teams or focus on upskilling the entire organisation.

Improved learning and performance

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Sales Engagement BOOST

Stratiform believes that the sales staff have a unique set of responsibilities while using Salesforce.

Training the sales team to better utilise the platform increases engagement that will be reflected in your team sales meetings.  Once a sense of data ownership is taught and understood the roadblocks and complaints dissipate.

With a focused training session that highlights the position of the sales team their data, their opportunities and day to day activities, Stratiform can showcase the results of proper opportunity management reflected in the businesses’ pipeline and forecasting dashboards.

Engagement BOOST  

The Engagement BOOST package is intended to demonstrate the power of the platform.  Allowing the users to be hands-on during training instead of PDFs and PowerPoints.  This package includes making a few tweaks to the CRM of an organisation and aligns well after adding new functionality such as Quoting, SMS Magic, 123 form builder or PandaDocs.


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Custom Training Packages

Stratiform develops a training session based on the daily process of every division of the business and is customised as per the needs of the business, system and process flow.

A key element of the training is that Stratiform walks the users through each step in the live system. Moreover, Stratiform also recommends face to face interaction with all the users. Stratiform has years of experience in employing, designing and developing Salesforce projects. The Company also has a unique potential to help your team engage with the platform.

As per conventional wisdom, it is imperative to understand the needs of the clients. Therefore, with a depth of experience in sales, management, marketing and customer service, Stratiform understands the user and their needs.

Face-to-Face Training

Where possible face to face training is recommended. Sometimes this isn’t possible and over Zoom training is the solution.  Stratiform has proven success with both.

Team exercise to know the needs of clients

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“We see Salesforce from the user’s perspective and guarantee a rise in engagement through its hands-on training method.”

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, there is always a need for improved sales skills and tools to boost the efficiency and productivity of the sales staff and ultimately of the organisation. As a long-standing global partner of Salesforce, the training solution of Stratiform can help your team engage with the platform.

If you are interested in learning more about Stratiform, you can visit their website


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