Mount Burgess (ASX: MTB) reports robust Germanium results, 800-metre copper zone at Kihabe-Nxuu


  • An 800-metre Kihabe Deposit zone was recently reported where copper (Cu) occurs and is associated with Pb/Zn/Ag/Ge/V/V2O5
  • Testwork undertaken by Naples University’s Department of Geosciences (Italy) has confirmed the association of Germanium with iron hydroxide.
  • The Company believes that Germanium could make a positive contribution to the Kihabe-Nxuu project.

Mount Burgess Mining NL (ASX:MTB) is advancing well at its Kihabe-Nxuu project in Botswana with a steady stream of encouraging results returned from the recent in-depth assessment undertakings.

As a part of its ongoing findings and success, the Company in May 2021 reported robust Germanium results while undertaking works concerning the earlier-intersected copper mineralisation zone.

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Copper mineralisation in Kihabe Deposit’s NE sector

In March 2021, Mount Burgess reported an 800-metre zone at Kihabe Deposit, with copper occurring in association with Zn/Pb/Ag/Ge/V/ V2O5 mineralisation at the zone. Furthermore, it remained committed to investigating the significance of the Zn/Pb/Ag/Ge/V/ V2O5 mineralisation associated with the copper mineralisation zone.

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The detailed intersections were compiled for all the drill holes involved, showing Copper intersection along with the individual Zn/Pb/Ag/Ge/V/ V2O5 intersections. All such associated intersections represent significant mineralisation zones.

The 26 drill holes are considered in the 800-metre Cu mineralisation zone in the Kihabe deposit’s NE sector.

Source: Copyright © 2021 Kalkine Media, Data Source: Company announcement, May 2021

The in-depth investigation led to adding a further seven drill holes regarded as necessary for the addition to the copper mineralisation zone.

An initial 2004 JORC-compliant Inferred Cu Mineral Resource estimate, conducted by Ravensgate in March 2007, has never been incorporated in any Zn/Pb/Ag resource estimate at Kihabe Deposit.

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Germanium update from Kihabe

The testwork undertaken by the Department of Geosciences at Naples University (Italy) confirmed that Germanium was associated with iron hydroxide and not Vanadium.

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Test work is currently required to be undertaken on the iron hydroxide portion for determining the Germanium host mineral.

The Company has now outlined Germanium assay results completely assayed for Germanium at the Kihabe Deposit SW Zone 1. Last year, Mount Burgess had outlined Germanium assay results from all holes completely assayed for Germanium at the Nxuu Deposit. The Company has previously conducted further assays on selected drill hole intersections without assaying the core samples of the entire drill holes.

Source: Copyright © 2021 Kalkine Media, Data Source: Company announcement, May 2021

The Company indicated that further drilling would have to be undertaken on the Kihabe Deposit, Nxuu Deposit and Gossan anomaly. They will require assaying for Germanium to confirm the overall potential contribution of Germanium to the project.

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All assays from selected drill hole intersections, as well as several assays from completely sampled drill holes, have intersected Germanium grades. Thus, Mount Burgess believes that Germanium could make a positive contribution to the project.

MTB shares traded at A$0.009 on 3 June 2021 (3:10 PM AEST).





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