Meet the brains behind VAPAR – The AI-tech for sewer repair

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Meet the brains behind VAPAR – The AI-tech for sewer repair

Leadership Team, VAPAR
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  • VAPAR platform provides superior accuracy in assessing pipe conditions for sewer infrastructure while ensuring cost efficiency.
  • The Company was co-founded by VAPAR CEO Amanda Siqueira and VAPAR CTO Michelle Aguilar.
  • VAPAR is on a mission to automate manual tasks in sewer pipeline infrastructure management, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

VAPAR is leading massive transformation in wastewater infrastructure management, thanks to its cloud platform that eliminates repetitive manual tasks. The strategic use of innovative technology has put the Company at a vantage point to enjoy superior accuracy in tracking maintenance and repair requirements for sewer infrastructure while also ensuring significant savings in associated labour costs.

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With VAPAR on a mission to automate manual tasks in asset management, let us look at the team that is effectively steering the Company to leverage exciting potential.

VAPAR Management

Source: Copyright © 2021 Kalkine Media®, Data Source: VAPAR Website

Amanda Siqueira- CEO and Co-founder

Amanda Siqueira leads the operations, sales, and business administration for VAPAR. She co-founded VAPAR with an aim to bring emerging technology into the asset management space and revolutionise the tracking, repairing and maintenance of infrastructure.

She worked as a civil engineering intern for Sydney Water in Australia, where she manually reviewed CCTV pipe inspection videos. Subsequently, she worked in designing, constructing, and remediating drainage and sewer pipes in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

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Michelle Aguilar- CTO and Co-founder

VAPAR’s co-founder Michelle Aguilar has been the Company’s technical head since its inception. Her career background spans multiple industries including wastewater and process automation. She has also written specifications and deployed user-tested code to production for the largest bank in Australia.

Her role in the Company has shifted from being VAPAR’s sole developer and administrator to managing a team of software developers and data scientists and making customer-focused decisions for the technical roadmap of VAPAR’s products. She leads product development and technical implementation of the Company’s vision.

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VAPAR team

Source: Copyright © 2021 Kalkine Media®, Data Source: VAPAR’s Website

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Mark Lee- Business Development Manager (ANZ)

Mark Lee has experience of more than a decade as an engineer managing the asset lifecycle of pipes. He has been involved in designing and construction through to condition assessment and decommissioning, including all other intermediary processes. 

Nathan Muggeridge- Business Development Manager (UK & EU)

Nathan Muggeridge has 20 years of experience in the UK water sector across a multitude of roles and sectors. He has worked with a large consultancy (to produce hydraulic simulation models), sewer start-up and in public sector asset management. He has led the delivery of projects in the wastewater space.

Neelabh Singh- Software Engineer & Data Science

Neelabh Singh has worked as a full stack developer in both environmental services and in the banking sector. He holds a master’s degree in artificial intelligence from The University of New South Wales, Sydney and a Computer Science degree from RV College in Bangalore.

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Dr Xun Yu (Alex)- Lead Data Scientist

Dr Xun Yu is a PhD in Data Science from Griffith University.  He has a strong track record of achieving maximum operational output with minimal resource expenditures.

Manju Mani- Marketing Coordinator

Manju Mani is a Civil Engineer and an MBA Marketing graduate, with experience working in sales and marketing.  As part of VAPAR’s team, she focuses on using available data to understand customers’ pain points and derive useful solutions

Roy Liao - Backend Developer

Prior to VAPAR, Roy worked in the foreign trade and construction industry as an IT support engineer and backend developer. His passion is in requirement analysis and design, system optimisation and software development. Roy holds master’s degree in Business Information System from the University of Wollongong and is a certified Microsoft System Engineer.

VAPAR provides an essential service, solving complex pipe problems in a “smart way”. With its depth of experience and skills, the team has been steering the Company to aid councils and utilities to keep things running.


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