Looking for an implementation partner? Meet Stratiform a Salesforce Partner

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Looking for an implementation partner? Meet Stratiform a Salesforce Partner

 Looking for an implementation partner? Meet Stratiform a Salesforce Partner
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  • It is essential to review processes with existing technologies while implementing a new technology.
  • Stratiform is a Salesforce partner that offers a diverse range of solutions for highly skilled sales and management teams.

Modern businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on technology and in order to boost efficiency, they need to implement contemporary technologies. At the same time, simply implementing a new technology cannot solve business problems.

The key to successful technology integration is executing the right processes along with the right technology.

Introducing Stratiform

Stratiform offers business and Salesforce solutions. Stratiform Business Solutions has years of experience in boosting businesses’ growth by helping them identify problem areas, recommending and implementing the changes required.

Stratiform is a Salesforce partner and a dynamic implementation consultancy offering a diverse range of solutions for highly skilled sales and management teams across organisations.

Information Technology and Integration Of Enterprise Applications

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Why Stratiform?

Stratiform’s business consulting services are based on process engineering as well as reengineering and business strategy review.

From spreadsheets to Salesforce, Stratiform helps its customers in transitioning to a system that enables a clear view of pipeline, by forecasting data in real-time.

Some of the key benefits of implementing Stratiform are:

Engaging users

Stratiform employs a straightforward implementation process, personalising the experience for its customers to deliver a more engaging experience.

Best Practise

If your processes are overcomplicated, you needlessly spend money on initial development rather than on progressive investment in business growth, sales alignment and best practice. Hence, to help businesses avoid that scenario, Stratiform uses best practices and standard configuration to establish the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) while being mindful that the business will be scaling for the future.

How does Stratiform do business different from the traditional ways?

Stratiform prides itself on becoming a long-term trusted partner of its clients. During these trying times, companies are making inflated promises regarding their services. Stratiform refrains from such tactics, and it keeps the customer focus at the centre when it says it can help the client’s business. Be it implementing, integrating or enhancing your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or building custom apps or websites, Stratiform will be improving the clients’ processes, enhancing data segmentation, and then ensures to properly train the staff to use these updated tools.

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Stratiform — Creating the Best Possible Salesforce Experience

Salesforce is the world’s most popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform, which helps your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams work as one from anywhere — so you can keep your customers happy everywhere. The software has become the number one for customer success and helps businesses track customer activity, market to customers, and many other services.

Stratiform, a Salesforce Partner, is a dynamic Salesforce implementation consultancy that provides Salesforce implementations, Salesforce enhancement/development/re-development, strategic business solutions, business consulting, and personal training for its clients’ sales and management teams. Visit their website here.


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