Lithium Australia’s VSPC achieves an Australian first, produces high-quality anode powder


  • VSPC Ltd, at its pilot plant, has manufactured high-quality LTO, an anode material required for high-performance lithium-ion-battery (LIB) cells. 
  • The Company, in the past, has successfully demonstrated pilot-scale production of LFP and LMFP cathode materials. 
  • VSPC’s LTO exceeds industry benchmarks and demonstrates superior specific capacity compared to other commercial LTO products. 

In what is being considered as a first for Australia, Lithium Australia’s (ASX: LIT) 100%-owned subsidiary VSPC Ltd has manufactured high-quality LTO (lithium titanium oxide) at its pilot plant. Notably, LTO is an anode material required for high-performance lithium-ion-battery cells. 

Following the significant update, LIT shares shot up 8.7% from the previous close, trading at AU$0.125 on 19 October 2021.

VSPC, a developer of advanced battery materials, operates a Brisbane-based pilot plant. The firm is focused on developing and commercialising high-quality, advanced battery materials. The Company, in the past, has successfully demonstrated the pilot-scale production of lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) and lithium manganese ferro phosphate (LMFP) cathode materials. 

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The recent production of commercial-quality anode battery materials, specifically LTO further validates VSPC’s proprietary nanotechnology, which is the subject of international patents. What’s more, the performance of VSPC’s LTO exceeds industry benchmarks. 

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VSPC’s process offers an advantage in LTO production

Conventionally, LTO is prepared using a solid-state reaction, where titanium dioxide (rutile or anatase) and lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide are used as the raw materials. These materials are calcined at temperatures above 800° Celsius for a prolonged period (from 12 to 24 hours) to ensure high-phase purity.

However, VSPC’s patented, slurry-based process provides a significant advantage as it not only reduces calcination time but also ensures consistent phase- and end-product quality. As a result, the process is ideal for producing LTO.  

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LTO Production, VSPC process, time reduction

Source: LIT update, dated 19 October 2021

VSPC’s LTO achieves Superior Performance

VSPC’s LTO was benchmarked against five commercial LTO products, including Tech9 LTO (used by battery research collaborators) and Hombitec LTO. The results highlight that VSPC’s LTO achieved a superior specific capacity of 169 milliampere hours per gram (mAh/g) at 0.1C.

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VSPC LTO, Superior Performance, Superior Specific capacity

Source: LIT Update, dated 19 October 2021

VSPC developing anode material work programme  

In addition to creating new market opportunities, VSPC’s success with LTO has encouraged the firm to expand its research into other anode battery materials such as titanium niobium oxide and other niobium-based anode materials. These materials are often used in space and defence applications.

VSPC is currently developing an anode materials work programme in collaboration with other leading research organisations in this area.





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