Lens through diverse applications of Carbonxt’s activated carbon solutions

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Lens through diverse applications of Carbonxt’s activated carbon solutions

Diverse applications of CG1 solutions
Image source: CG1 Website


  • Carbonxt Group is an ASX-listed cleantech company manufacturing activated carbon products.
  • The Company has broad industry applications with large addressable markets.
  • The products are in high demand by major industrial verticals such as coal-fired power stations, cement plants and other industrial processes.

US-focused cleantech company Carbonxt Group Limited (ASX:CG1) engineers high-performance activated carbons that enable its partners to consistently address compliance requirements.

There are significant opportunities for Carbonxt in the short- and long-term amidst US President Joe Biden’s support for decarbonisation as well as the growing global focus on improving air and water quality.

The Company’s activated carbon solutions are highly advantageous for businesses looking to meet compliance and environmental goals.

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With this backdrop, let us explore how different industries benefit from the Company’s cost-effective products, efficient systems, and seamless integration with new facilities.

Nutrient Recovery Technology

HydRestor™ is Carbonxt’s high-quality pelletised activated carbon sorbent, designed specifically to remove phosphorus in various water-phase applications.

The water filter technology targets growing needs to maintain regulatory compliance while maintaining balance in the natural environment.

HydRestor™ is versatile for usage in municipal wastewater, stormwater, or food and beverage applications.

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Coal-Fired Power Plants

The customised powdered activated carbons (PACs) are designed to meet the unique needs of partners in the most cost-effective manner.

Carbonxt collaborates with utilities to custom engineer PACs that meet their compliance goals. Moreover, the impregnated PACs, a part of the product lines, are engineered for removing mercury in the aqueous and gas phases. The Company’s non-corrosive activated carbons do not cause damage to equipment.

Cement Plants

Carbonxt’s CEM-PAC line is specifically committed to the cement plants’ compliance efforts in line with the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) and Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration Units (CISWI). The solution is focused on finding a mercury removal solution, which is both cost-effective and efficient for cement plants.

Meanwhile, the superior-oxidising, non-corrosive activated carbons are further enhanced with the Company’s proprietary additive in addition to slightly brominated versions.

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Cement plants benefit from Carbonxt’s solutions

Source: CG1 Website

Waste To Energy: Industrial Boilers and Incinerators

Carbonxt also caters to the compliance and operational challenges associated with industrial boilers and incinerators. Thus, the Company’s high-quality products enable its partner utilities to efficiently filter contaminants at reduced costs.

Potable Water

Carbonxt provides high-quality PACs designed to remove taste and odour compounds, as well as common drinking water contaminants. Notably, PAC products are the industry standard for water treatment.

The Company’s CXT-BB+ line has proven performance equal to or better than industry leading PACs for the removal of geosmin and methylisoborneol (MIB).

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VOC & Contaminant Removal

The high-performance carbon pellets are also designed for removing VOCs and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) from a variety of gas streams. Notably, these VOCs pose a risk to the environment and public health, especially the health of industry employees.

All in all, Carbonxt operates in large addressable markets, which have opportunities worth US$10 billion. On the back of real solutions for decarbonisation, the Company is fast becoming a recognised, profitable, and high-growth player in the US industry.

CG1 shares traded at AU$0.275 on 27 January 2022.


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