Learn how VAPAR is streamlining sewer repairs with AI-powered solutions


  • The sustainability of pipe infrastructure systems is threatened as parts of this ageing infrastructure approach the end of their useful life.
  • To extend infrastructure life, the use of smart city technology capabilities that provides quick and accurate assessment is critical.
  • The VAPAR.Solutions™ platform leverages its AI engine and cloud computing to assess inspection videos uploaded by users automatically.
  • VAPAR delivers reliable and consistent pipe condition assessments at a much faster pace.

The vast underground network of pipes, pumps and treatment plants is critical to support the quality of life in Australian cities and suburbs. However, the sustainability of these networks is under increasing pressure as these assets age with replacement not keeping pace with modelled lifecycle planning for this infrastructure.

On top of this, changing climate factors can further raise the criticality of pipes, increasing the challenge of pipeline infrastructure management. The situation requires smarter broad-scale infrastructure replacement planning to ensure  repairs are optimised, especially when dealing with capital costs that often run into the millions of dollars. 

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To extend the infrastructure life, the usage of smart city technology capabilities is critical. On this front, VAPAR provides AI-powered pipe condition assessment in a fast and simple manner. Smart algorithms used by the AI leverage past condition data, with a continual stream of new inspection data leading an AI system that becomes quicker and more accurate. 


Source: VAPAR Website

VAPAR is a Sydney-based company delivering reliable and consistent pipe condition assessments at a much faster pace. The Company processes more than 200,000 metres of wastewater infrastructure for a number of clients across Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Understand conditions of underground infrastructure

The VAPAR.Solutions™ platform leverages its AI engine and cloud computing to automatically assess inspection videos uploaded by users. The AI models are pre-trained for detecting certain anomalies. When processing footage from pipe condition assessments, VAPAR’s AI technology detects pipe features and defects. 

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Users can access the platform via any web browser and upload their CCTV footage of the pipe. The inspection video is then ingested and inferenced against the trained model, with the result identifying the type and importance of anomalies. The inspection is then automatically processed using AI and can be manually audited by an expert. 

It also leads the way to prioritise maintenance work and decreasing downtime of the assets to reduce interruptions.

The video data, as well as the inspection report generated, is stored on a secure cloud platform which eliminates the requirement for hard drive backup.

Relevance of AI-powered assessment to stakeholders

The AI-driven approach from VAPAR is helpful for both asset owners and CCTV contractors in terms of efficiency and accuracy. The VAPAR.Solutions™ provides a range of benefits, such as: 

  • Reduced the time taken for assessments
  • Standardised process to remove subjectivity 
  • Condition data available most useful formats for decision making and GIS mapping

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With the need for the pipe network requiring particular focus, the technology is greasing the wheels to detect the issues and take a correct approach. VAPAR.Solutions™ is empowering operators, engineers, and other stakeholders to make data-driven decisions more cost-effectively and proficiently.





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