Jeeves.Plus: A Messaging platform that can work wonders for your business

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Jeeves.Plus: A Messaging platform that can work wonders for your business

Communication, Customer engagement
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  • Businesses have a tough time managing communication with their valuable customers across various geographies and languages.
  • Jeeves.Plus is an innovative SMS platform that allows businesses to capture, assist, and retain their customers.
  • Jeeves.Plus allows businesses to globalise customer service in over 109 languages by translating messages to and from many languages into English, empowering customer service to have global reach in one location.

How would you remember the current COVID-19 times?

Many would remember it as a rough spell fraught with challenges and dislocations, while others may remember it as a period of transformation and change. The COVID-19-led lockdowns have been a testing time for people as they need to be heard more and want their questions to be answered.

At the same time, businesses have been struggling to cope with the challenge of maintaining active communication with their customers. Moreover, businesses have witnessed a huge influx in online traffic, which in turn has accentuated the need for better remote communication.

Maintaining customer communication

Revolutionary platform solutions like Jeeves.Plus can help businesses maintain active communication with their customers, in their language and via their channel of choice.

Jeeves.Plus Pty Ltd, a fast-growing start up, offers an innovative customer service platform, streamlining of customer service while minimising costs, increasing efficiencies and digitising the business contact centre.

Translation, Customer Communication

Source: Jeeves.Plus Website – How to Promote Messaging Customer Service

Jeeves.Plus offers customer service as well as broadcast messaging products while allowing to customise the platform as per the needs of the organisation.

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Retaining diverse customers

The multichannel multilingual customer service platform makes it very simple for businesses to communicate with customers through an easy setup and few hours of training to the staff.

Supporting customers through calls may turn out to be a frustrating experience since calls may involve long wait times. Also, form submission on a company’s ‘Contact Us’ page most likely takes around 3-5 days to get a response.

However, through platforms like Jeeves.Plus, businesses only need to add a dedicated mobile number or QR Code to their Contact Us page so that customers can begin messaging customer service.

Jeeves.Plus is not your ordinary SMS platform for businesses. Unlike others, Jeeves.Plus can translate messages from more than 109 languages to make it easier to deal with customers of diverse demographics. Therefore, an added benefit of using Jeeves.Plus can be to capture, assist, and retain customers who don’t speak English.

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Expert Talks With Mr David Hayes, CEO & Co Founder Jeeves Plus

Bottom Line

If you are a business owner or an employee looking to consider Messaging for your businesses customer engagement,  you can visit the Jeeves.Plus website and book a free demo right away.


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