How do VAPAR Partners improve the pipe inspection process and achieve better productivity?

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How do VAPAR Partners improve the pipe inspection process and achieve better productivity?

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  • VAPAR leverages its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to carry out simple and fast pipe condition assessment.
  • VAPAR has partnered with industry experts that have the knowledge and experience to deliver VAPAR benefits directly to Councils and Utilities.
  • Engaging a VAPAR Partners results in efficient inspections, improved data, and a streamlined workflow for better productivity.

When it comes to water and wastewater networks, managing pipe infrastructure can be a challenging task.

The identification of defects in sewer and stormwater pipes is usually a tedious, labour intensive, and costly task that involves hours of viewing CCTV footage. However, one company is revolutionising the industry through the use of modern technology to automate this process. VAPAR want to make condition inspection data more accessible and ensure it retains value into the future to make managing pipe networks easier.

VAPAR is actively capitalising on its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to enable speed up and improve the pipe condition assessments. The Company serves clients across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

VAPAR.Solutions™ automatically codes inspection footage with the identification and classification of defects using artificial intelligence. Users can get reliable and consistent pipe condition assessments faster and in a convenient manner.

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The company has a network of delivery partners with industry experts who have the knowledge and experience to deliver VAPAR benefits directly to organisations that manage pipe networks. The engagement of a VAPAR Partner allows customers to efficiently receive their sewer or stormwater inspection results. This leads to a streamlined and efficient workflow that enables asset engineers and project managers to achieve more in less time.

VAPAR Partners

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With this backdrop, let us look at some VAPAR partners and the benefits they deliver.

Interflow providing trenchless pipeline solutions

Established in 1936, Interflow is a leading provider of trenchless pipeline solutions in Australia and New Zealand. The firm is engaged in the development of innovative methods designed to boost the operational life of water networks across the Australasian region.

Interflow is backed by more than 600 field crews and staff based in its offices. Moreover, it has completed works for major water authorities and government bodies in several sectors such as watermains, wastewater, stormwater, and culvert.

Veolia leading the way in environmental solutions

Backed by nearly 179,000 employees worldwide, Veolia delivers environmental solutions, providing a comprehensive range of waste, water, and energy management services. Veolia, which targets to establish itself as a benchmark company for ecological transformation, has designed its services to ensure environment protection and build the circular economy.  

It designs and provides game-changing solutions, both useful and practical for water, waste, and energy management. At the same time, Veolia assists in developing access to resources, preserve available resources, and replenish them.

Its solutions are designed to contribute to sustainable development of communities and industries. Veolia also brings long-term value through data optimisation.

Sapphire Utility Solutions delivering benefits across diverse sectors

Established in 2013, Sapphire Utility Solutions is a provider of award-winning services to clean water, telecoms, highways, wastewater, gas, and several other sectors. Since its inception, the firm has grown quickly to become the partner of choice for many clients across the UK.

Sapphire was recently named the ‘Most Innovative Utility Company 2021’, given its commitment to business ethos to be a catalyst for change. The firm believes that its achievements throughout the years come from its strong partnerships with clients and skilled and dedicated staff.

TRILITY with significant capacity

TRILITY works alongside its customers in optimising their facilities, processes, and performance, which in turn creates value through the full water and wastewater cycle for environment protection. Its asset base comprises a combined capacity of more than 1.8 GL per day.

The firm leverages experience, innovation, and proven technology in both its approach and design principles to water management and environmental solutions to develop a solution to suit each client’s needs.

Mullane ensuring client satisfaction

Mullane provides special touch to its services, making regular clients to come back again and again. The firm is backed by more than 200 skilled tradespeople and over 50 apprentices.

Its clients range from large construction projects to small local builders, government authorities, local councils, and homes.

VAPAR is focused on solving complex pipe problems in a “smart way”, employing new and innovative technologies to understand the state of underground infrastructure. The Company is backed by strong partners that help add value to its Council &  Utility customers.


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