How Control Bionics (ASX:CBL) can ease the lives of disabled patients

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How Control Bionics (ASX:CBL) can ease the lives of disabled patients

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  • More than one billion people worldwide are suffering from some form of disability, as per the WHO.
  • Control Bionics caters to people that are paralysed or afflicted by some disease that restricts their mobility and ability to communicate.
  • The Company’s technology is faster, more accurate and less exhausting for people to be able to operate.
  • Control Bionics offers its communication systems via remote as well as in-person assessments and trials.

Over one billion people worldwide experience some form of disability, says the World Health Organization (WHO). A disability, in any form, creates barriers between the affected person and the external world. It hinders their complete and effective participation in the society.

Control Bionics (ASX:CBL) attempts to eliminate some of these barriers, primarily related to speech and movement, by offering innovative alternative communication systems. The Company has a world-class technology based around electromyography (EMG), which enables its wearable device to be able to communicate with the computer and turn those signals into words.

The ASX-listed company aims to become the world’s leading provider of augmentative and alternative communication and control solutions for people with speech and movement disabilities.

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 A patient using CBL’s communication tech device

Image source: Company’s video on YouTube

Remote and in-person assessment facilities

For the assessment of a patient for a speech-generating/assistive device, it is crucial for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to consider several aspects. The most significant factors include the patients’ wants and needs, energy levels, cognitive abilities, and the degree of voluntary movement.

While many patients are comfortable in remote assessments and trials, there are certain communication needs and assessments for which remote assistance becomes challenging. For such cases, Control Bionics offers in-person meetings and assessment facilities as well.

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How does Control Bionics facilitate hassle-free assessments?

Control Bionics offers its communication systems via remote as well as in-person assessments and trials. If required, mounting equipment is also provided by the Company. Below are the three communication solutions provided by CBL:

  • NeuroNode CCS (an iOS-based communication solution)
  • NeuroNode Trilogy (a Windows-based communication solution)
  • GridPad Trilogy (a Windows-based communication solution, available in the US)

All the communication systems are equipped with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)-compliant remote support software using which video conference can be done. It also allows Control Bionics’ team of experts to control the patient’s computer while simultaneously providing support.

Upon selection of the apt communication system, the team sets a time to conduct the assessment, as per the convenience and availability of the client. The selected communication system is customised and shipped as per the decided date. During the assessment, the team assists in setting up the system, either in-person or with remote support software.

The remote support software allows the team to work with the patient face-to-face throughout the trial while also providing support with editing, adjusting, or troubleshooting.

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Bottom Line

An emerging player in the global assistive technology industry, Control Bionics is on a mission to give voice to the voiceless. The Company is dedicated to serve the population living with conditions that cause paralysis and loss of speech. In order to serve that purpose, the company is engaged in developing communication devices that can offer life-changing solutions to the people with disabilities.

Stock information: CBL shares were trading at AU$0.430 on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) midday on 15 February 2022 with a market capitalisation of AU$39.11 million.


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