How Beam Communications' (ASX:BCC) innovative products are scripting a success story


  • The only ASX-listed developer of mobile satellite equipment, Beam Communications Holdings is witnessing rapid growth, thanks to its innovative products.
  • The Company has developed several world-first innovations, including ZOLEO and Iridium GO! to fulfill the global needs of the ICT market.
  • Beam collects a recurring subscription fee for ZOLEO.
  • ZOLEO global satellite communicator has been designed to transmit SMS, chat messages and emails over the Iridium satellite network, mobile or Wi-Fi.
  • ZOLEO’s seamless global messaging service has won rave reviews from users across the globe.
  • Iridium GO! offers global satellite voice calling and text messaging solution at locations out of terrestrial network range via the Iridium satellite network.

Driven by the mission to be a global leader in designing and manufacturing leading-edge satcom equipment, Beam Communications Holdings Ltd (ASX:BCC) is marching rapidly on an exciting growth path, thanks to its innovative products.

Several world-first innovations, including ZOLEO, the first seamless global messaging solution and Iridium GO!, the first portable satellite hotspot, have been developed by Beam to fulfil the global needs of the Information Communication & Technology markets.

More importantly, Beam and its joint-venture partner collects monthly subscription revenue from ZOLEO users.

With its exceptional range of products, the Australian-listed company has accumulated a rich clientele over the past few years. It includes some of the world’s largest satellite and telecommunications companies, such as Iridium Communications Inc (NASDAQ: IRDM), Telstra Corporation Limited (ASX:TLS), KDDI Corporation, Inmarsat and Thuraya.

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Beam Communications Holdings (ASX:BCC), satellite communication equipment

Image source: Company website

ZOLEO to stay connected in and out of mobile coverage

A transformative venture for Beam, ZOLEO is expected to generate recurring subscription revenue for the Company and its joint venture (JV) partner, Roadpost Inc.

The device has won several prestigious international and Australian awards. Moreover, its demand is skyrocketing, which is well reflected by the total number of ZOLEO devices ordered since its launch, which stands at 103,225 units.

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The ZOLEO Global Satellite Communicator connects with the free ZOLEO app on smartphones via Bluetooth to provide seamless global messaging solution to its users.  

ZOLEO has been designed and equipped with features to transmit messages over the Iridium satellite network, mobile and Wi-Fi when you’re out of mobile coverage. The app delivers those messages via mobile network or Wi-Fi when you're within mobile coverage. So, you will never miss a message even if the ZOLEO satellite communicator is not on. It extends your coverage to everywhere.

What’s more, the satellite communicator always chooses the cheapest network. Users can have a familiar texting experience from their phone or tablet.

ZELEO global satellite communicator

Image source: Company website

ZOLEO also has several safety-related features to ensure security. The device allows users’ contacts to stay connected with them through their dedicated ZOLEO SMS number and email address.

It has an SOS alerting button which allows them to send an SOS alert to their contacts in case of an emergency as the device is connected with a 24/7 emergency monitoring and response system. Also, the users can check in with a single touch to make others know that they are fine. Users can also share their GPS locations with others.

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Iridium Go! – Another popular device from Beam

Iridium GO! is another major contributor to the Company’s success. Since 2014, Beam has secured orders for about 62,500 units of the portable satellite hotspot.

The popular compact and portable device Iridium GO! is powered by the world’s furthest reaching network Iridium.

Through optimised apps, the device offers global satellite voice calling and text messaging solutions at locations which are out of terrestrial network range. It also supports email, social networking, photo sharing, as well as SOS alert and tracking capabilities.

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Iridium GO!

Image source: Company website

Just by pairing your smartphone or tablet with Iridium GO! app, you can stay connected with the world and enjoy the below-listed benefits and features.

  • Iridium GO! status bar
  • Iridium GO! battery life
  • Send quick GPS or check-in message
  • Configure settings
  • Send Twitter post
  • Initiate voice call
  • Set-up Wi-Fi data call
  • Activate Emergency SOS

Beam Communications is fast becoming a leader in the space of satellite personal communication devices, on the back of its innovative solutions that are used around the world. Witnessing strong demand for its highly reliable devices, the Company remains on track to grow its recurring revenues sharply in FY22.

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BCC stock was trading at AU$0.285 on 15 October (AEDT 2:38 PM), up 3.636% from its last close.





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