Greenland Minerals is preparing the White Paper for Kvanefjeld


  • Greenland Minerals Limited (ASX:GGG) is focused on the development of the Kvanefjeld Rare Earth Project in southern Greenland.
  • The Kvanefjeld public consultation period closed on 13 September 2021 after commencing in December 2020.
  • The Company is now preparing a White Paper which will address all issues raised during public consultation or in submissions to the Government.

Greenland Minerals Limited (ASX:GGG) has systematically advanced the development of the Kvanefjeld Rare Earth Project since 2008 in southern Greenland. So much so, the Project is now on the brink of being issued with an exploitation license.

The Kvanefjeld Project is underpinned by a JORC-code compliant resource of more than 1 billion tonnes, and an ore reserve estimate of 108 million tonnes to sustain an initial 37-year mine life. It offers a new, simpler path to rare earth production than traditional refractory sources. Besides, Greenland Minerals’ 100% owned project has the potential to be developed as a large-scale, low-cost producer of critical magnet rare earths including neodymium, praseodymium, terbium and dysprosium.

Kvanefjeld Project is one of the most important RE projects globally

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Ongoing activity: preparation of White Paper

On 18 December 2020, the Greenland Government initiated the statutory consultation period for Kvanefjeld Project. The public consultation public consultation of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the Social Impact Assessment (SIA) finally closed on 13 September 2021. These meetings represent an important part of the stakeholder engagement process to explain and discuss the outcomes of the EIA and SIA.

This is an important milestone in the Greenlandic Government's formal decision-making process in relation to the issuance of an exploitation license for the Kvanefjeld Project.

“Outcomes of the public consultation will play an important role in focussing future stakeholder engagement and shaping the path forward for the Kvanefjeld Project”, says Managing Director John Mair.

Currently, Greenland Minerals’ preparation of a White Paper following public consultation for the  Kvanefjeld Project is well advanced-

  • Legislation requires that the Company prepare a White Paper following public consultation.
  • The White Paper must set out all issues regarding the Kvanefjeld Project raised during public consultation, either in submissions directly to Government or in public meetings, with the Company’s responses to these issues.
  • It represents an opportunity to provide simple and clear explanations to submissions made during the consultation process and to identify where further detail can be found in the EIA and associated technical reports.

Greenland Minerals has largely completed the responses to issues raised during the first round of public meetings and in submissions made in the 36 weeks of the public consultation period. Many submissions were received by Government in the final days of consultation and the Company has started to develop responses to these submissions.

Notably, the Company has been able to address most submissions made to the Government, and most issues raised during public consultation meetings, by reference to material contained in the impact assessments and the expert reports which were commissioned to support the assessments.

Besides, the Company has been in communication with Greenland’s Mining License and Safety Authority to ensure that transcripts of the recent public meetings are made available as soon as possible to identify any final issues for inclusion in the White Paper.

On 22 October 2021, GGG traded at AUD 0.12.





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