FYI Resources (ASX:FYI) Joint HPA Pilot Plant Trial Samples Achieve 99.9986% Al2O3 Purity


  • FYI Resources (ASX:FYI) has achieved better than expected results from the recently completed Alcoa and FYI joint pilot plant trial.
  • The HPA samples attained an average of 99.9986% Al2O3 purity in the joint pilot plant trial.
  • The latest trial outcomes are further validation of the Company’s innovative HPA flowsheet design.

Marking a significant milestone, FYI Resources Limited (ASX:FYI) has achieved outstanding analytical results from the recently completed Alcoa and FYI joint pilot plant trial. The joint high purity alumina (HPA) pilot plant trial samples attained an average of 99.9986 per cent Al2O3 purity, exceeding expectations.

The pilot plant operation was an integral component to the progression of the Alcoa Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). FYI and Alcoa entered into an MOU in September 2020 to proceed with potential joint development of the Company’s innovative, fully integrated, high-grade HPA project.

The collaborative operation and demonstration of the Company’s pilot plant is one of the condition precedents under the MOU. And a key condition to Alcoa JV MOU has been achieved with the recent findings

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Remarkable Analytical Results

The latest analytical results indicate the trial achieved higher than expected purity levels, as a result of:

  • progressive enhancements to the flowsheet, and
  • improvements to operational procedures from prior trials including the usage of an alternative feedstock supplied by Alcoa.

The table below summarises the pilot plant results from the Alcoa/FYI HPA pilot plant trial:

Future Course of Action

FYI informed that some HPA from the joint pilot plant trial was retained for product phase work and detailed internal analysis.

The Company intends to maintain its on-going high standard of quality control and product assurance. Towards this end, FYI will forward the additional pilot plant trial HPA samples to New York-based EAG Laboratories for further elevated, independent Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry (GDMS) analysis. This will be done to provide supplementary data that is intrinsic to the purity level attained by the collaborative trial production.

Subsequent to the final product finishing work of the trial HPA, the HPA samples will be sent to many potential offtake parties for additional product qualification – specifically directed towards the lithium-ion battery (LiB) and LED lighting markets.

Management Commentary

FYI Managing Director Roland Hill is pleased with the remarkable results from the joint pilot plant HPA trial. According to him, this achievement continues to exhibit the exceptional qualities of the Company’s flowsheet in delivering reliably high quality and consistent HPA product, which is a key prerequisite from a customer perspective.

He added that FYI is further encouraged by the pilot plant findings and will continue to proceed with the development of its HPA strategy and improving the MOU conditions with Alcoa.

FYI considers the analytical result to be of substantial relevance in bolstering project economics for prospective commercial production. Moreover, the trial outcomes continue to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Company’s innovative HPA refining process.

FYI shares traded at $0.475 mid-day on 11 February 2021.

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