EarlyBirds helping Australia to build sovereign innovation capabilities


  • EarlyBirds is assisting Australia in developing the country’s sovereign innovation capabilities.
  • EarlyBirds has more than 1 million innovators that are willing to share their innovations for implementation.
  • EarlyBirds platform holds unique data on not just Australian innovators but also a significant number of global industry capabilities across various sectors.

Australia has been moving in the right direction to significantly improve its sovereign innovation and industry abilities. This is evident from the rollout of the NBN (National Broadband Network). The country has plans to invest an additional AU$4.5 billion to offer access to higher wholesale speeds to around three-fourths of total homes and businesses by 2023.

Besides these, several other factors like the COVID-19 pandemic and the swiftly evolving geopolitical environment are steering this agenda. However, a lot depends on investing in the country’s future which is also anticipated to witness major challenges in the coming decades.

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Source: EarlyBirds Press Release 12/10/21  

Need for actionable approach

In light of this agenda, EarlyBirds believes that there is a need for an actionable approach for developing Australia’s innovation abilities to cut the mustard amid the uncertain future. Moreover, EarlyBirds remains confident that it is well-positioned to deliver this approach.

EarlyBirds is helping Australia build up its sovereign innovation capabilities as it offers platform and services that are tailored to assist public and private sector strategies to develop sovereign capabilities throughout various industry sectors and technology space.

Additionally, the EarlyBirds platform can be used for sourcing, identifying, and curating domestic and international innovation abilities. At present, EarlyBirds has more than one million innovators in Australia that are keen on the implementation of their innovations in real-world business scenarios by businesses that are on the look-out to build capabilities.

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Source: EarlyBirds Press Release 12/10/21  

EarlyBirds’ offerings

Amid such concerning times, Australia is seeking to expand the present level of self-sufficiency and improve supply chain safety against possible disruption. Moreover, the country is also seeking to develop a capability for maintaining, employing, sustaining and upgrading its national capabilities across various sectors.

Currently, EarlyBirds is engaged with few public and private sector enterprises that are working towards developing Australia’s sovereign innovation capabilities.

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Some of the key features highlighting the capabilities of the EarlyBirds platform are as follows:

  • Includes the data on Australian innovators and a substantial number of international industry capabilities across diverse sectors.
  • Covers more than 700 industry themes, comprising their maturity that can be mapped locally or globally.
  • Permits decision-makers to identify certain gaps in the Australian innovation market.
  • Empowers Australian innovators to be identified, curated, sourced and mentored to work with public or private sector customers.

Besides this, the EarlyBirds assisted services, Explorer and Challenger programs, are built to solve various challenges or for implementing a business method to such challenges.

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