EarlyBirds facilitates organisations to overcome challenges of 4th Industrial Revolution

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EarlyBirds facilitates organisations to overcome challenges of 4th Industrial Revolution

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4th Industrial Revolution Innovations
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  • The 4th Industrial Revolution has put forward several challenges as well as opportunities for businesses.
  • The EarlyBirds platform can help organisations to benefit from opportunities and overcome challenges in the 4th Industrial Revolution.
  • EarlyBirds has more than 4 million innovators to connect with and share insights on developing solutions through disruptive technologies.

The connection of billions of people with each other across the globe via their mobile devices offers a sea of opportunities for the emergence of substantial technological innovations. Some of these innovations are Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IOT), robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing, materials science, biotechnology, quantum computing, energy storage, etc.

This has resulted in the creation of a symbiosis between bodies of people, microorganisms, the products people consume and the buildings they inhabit through the combination of materials engineering, additive manufacturing, computational design, and synthetic biology.

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 Innovative ideas  

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EarlyBirds offers support for innovation in 4th Industrial Revolution

EarlyBirds, an innovative Australian business, has highlighted that organisations were capturing opportunities while overcoming challenges put forth by innovations under the 4th Industrial Revolution (IR). This means that the various technologies are being increasingly integrated across a broad array of new services, products and industries.

EarlyBirds believes that at this moment, it is hard to predict and envision resulting systems and technologies from the 4th IR. However, the revolution is believed to deliver a bag of opportunities that would trigger businesses and people to pursue these technologies.

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4th Industrial Revolution

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Besides this, several challenges need to be dealt with in achieving visions of IR, particularly natural reluctance to change. What is important here is that organisations need to enhance their understanding of the huge potential offered by these innovations in today’s environment, neglecting which can result in businesses failing to adopt such technologies. This can further have a long-term impact on business performance and even existence.

Another challenge in the organisational setup can be silo mentality, wherein people in one division are not willing to share information with people in another division in the same organisation. Division managers have a key role to play by focusing on the long-term vision of the organisation and benefits of sharing information rather than having a narrow vision of competing with each other.

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EarlyBirds platform with 4 million+ innovators 

EarlyBirds suggests that businesses looking to engage in useful innovations can expedite their efforts by participating in the EarlyBirds platform. The platform exposes such businesses to innovators and SMEs and comprises a self-service approach using their world-leading platform and functionality or using their assisted Challenger and Explorer programs.

 Industry 4.0

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The EarlyBirds platform has more than 4 million innovators and offers a global reach for innovation seekers. Getting their hands on the EarlyBirds platform can help organisations with silo mentality to finally realise how these technologies can benefit the whole organisation and everyone.

The revolutionary open ecosystem brings together innovators, early adopters, and subject matter experts (SMEs) for developing disruptive solutions.

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To learn more about the ways EarlyBirds can help organisations achieve their anticipated 4th IR innovation strategies and plans, you can visit their website.


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