Another milestone as Chimeric Therapeutics’ (ASX:CHM) Phase 1 CLTX CAR T trial moves ahead


  • Chimeric Therapeutics has disclosed that the first patient in the second dose cohort of Phase 1 CLTX CAR T cell trial has received dosing.
  • In April 2021, the oncology firm announced the completion of the follow-up for the first patient cohort.
  • The second dose cohort will be administered at a targeted dose of 88 × 106 CLTX CAR T cells without a mandated stagger.

In another significant development, Chimeric Therapeutics Limited (ASX:CHM) has updated the market that its Phase 1 clinical trial of chlorotoxin CAR T (CLTX CAR T) cell therapy has initiated the second dose cohort. The Company disclosed that the first patient in the study had received dosing.

The Phase 1 trial is being carried out to evaluate the safety and tolerability of CLTX CAR T cells at City of Hope, a world-renowned cancer treatment and research centre. In April 2021, Chimeric Therapeutics completed the follow-up interval for the first patient cohort in CLTX CAR T trial. Following the safety milestone achieved for the CLTX CAR T cell therapy, the study has moved to a higher dose level.

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Intratumoral and Intraventricular dosing of CLTX CAR T cells

The initiation of the second dose cohort introduces the dual administration of CLTX CAR T cells. The cells will now be administered via intracranial intratumoral (ICT) and intracranial intraventricular (ICV) routes. Additionally, the second dose cohort will facilitate dosing without a mandated stagger and will be given a total target dose of 88 × 106 CLTX CAR T cells.

Staggered dosing is a method of dose administration that necessitates a follow-up period between the doses administered to one patient and the next patient. This allows sequential treatment with an adequate interval to observe the adverse reactions between the doses.

The Phase 1 clinical trial is anticipated to enrol 18-36 patients with glioblastoma (MMP2+ progressive or recurrent), an aggressive form of brain tumour, across a 24-month period.

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Source: CHM Presentation

Jennifer Chow, Chief Operating Officer of Chimeric Therapeutics, commented-

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CLTX CAR T Cell Therapy in a nutshell

  • CLTX CAR T cell therapy is a potentially best-in-class therapy with the ability to address the unmet medical need of patients with glioblastoma (GBM).
  • Research for developing the intellectual property (IP) covering CLTX CAR T cell therapy was held at City of Hope.
  • CLTX has been proven to bind more specifically to GBM cells in preclinical models than any other targets such as HER2, EGFR, or IL13Rα2.
  • CLTX CAR T cells also demonstrated potent antitumour activity with optimal safety and efficacy profile in preclinical studies.

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On 25 May 2021, CHM shares were trading at AU$0.285 (at AEST 10:46 AM).   





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