AI-powered Jaaims platform enhances user understanding of the platform

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AI-powered Jaaims platform enhances user understanding of the platform

Jaaims AI platform
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  • Artificial Intelligence can enable the faster processing of stock data for producing information to arrive at a decision.
  • Jaaims is powered by AI, and its sophisticated algorithms offer unique and valuable features and insights to users.
  • Jaaims offers product demonstration sessions to its users that can be accessed remotely, and users can also learn about its features.

Out of all the disruptive technologies, artificial intelligence has emerged as one of the most exciting one. Artificial intelligence has numerous applications across diverse industries and functions ranging from product designing to financial and stock analysis.

AI not only simplifies processes but also brings efficiency as it takes significantly lesser time to complete a job as compared to human beings.

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Such capabilities underpin the success of a revolutionary platform Jaaims, which is powered by artificial intelligence and can analyse a stock in just 73 seconds. A human analyst would take weeks to execute the same job.

Besides this, AI technology also allows for scale so that advice is offered timely and cost effectively.

Jaaims app

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Jaaims is packed with unique features like fixed fee subscriptions, distinct from other options that are generally a percentage of your investment. On top of this, you can also try a free version of Jaaims to get a hands-on experience of the platform.

Unleash the power of AI

AI combined with the Jaaims platform allows various advantages for the users, including the following:

  • The AI adviser is at work 24/7 and updates recommendations every 15 minutes.
  • Users can have control over their share portfolio and can include and exclude stocks as per their preferences.
  • Jaaims can automatically execute recommendations, eliminating the need to constantly watch markets while having control.
  • The Smart Portfolio of Jaaims allows you to access every stock analysed by Jaaims across share markets in Australia, the US, the UK, and Germany.
  • Market timing risk is actively managed as it can deploy cash once new opportunities are noticed and keep cash safe if there are no opportunities.

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Jaaims platform

Source: Jaaims website

Jaaims has brought institutional technology to the everyday investor and offers something for everyone as it offers different subscriptions.

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You can also build your own portfolio by selecting a portfolio of stocks depending on your subscription limit for the AI algorithm aimed at identifying optimum entry and exit points within a selected stock.

These are based on momentum, prompted when the stock becomes undervalued relative to its peers.

Free product demonstration

Jaaims hosts a free product demonstration on Facebook Live every week, showcasing features of Jaaims 2.0, steps to connect a Broker and to set up your account. You can follow Jaaims’ Facebook page for discovering and learning new and interesting updates about Jaaims.

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Jaaims believes that investing doesn’t have to be complex, and you can invest like a Pro using the power of AI with Jaaims.


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