Aguia Resources (ASX:AGR) makes headway with DANF phosphate products 

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Aguia Resources (ASX:AGR) makes headway with DANF phosphate products 

AGR positive results
Image source: AGR Presentation, dated 30 November 2021


  • Excellent results from agronomic tests indicate that Aguia Resources’ DANF phosphate products have broad applicability across a range of crops.
  • The latest results indicate high potential for the application of Pampafos® and Lavrato® in oat fields.
  • AGR looks forward to repeating the tests on oat crops in the same location during the winter season of 2022 in Brazil.

Aguia Resources Limited (ASX:AGR) is a phosphate and copper explorer and developer committed to the advancement of its projects into production while continuing to pursue other opportunities within the sector.

The Company has been undertaking agronomic efficiency tests as part of the development of its natural phosphate fertilisers, Pampafos® and Lavrato® from the Três Estradas Phosphate Project. These branded Direct Application Natural Fertiliser (DANF) phosphate products have been tested on many crops in Brazil, delivering excellent results.

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Agronomic tests on oat crops deliver positive results

Recently, agronomic tests using the Company’s DANF products were applied to oat crops, delivering very positive results.  

The agronomic tests were carried out in partnership with Tuch Soluções Comerciais Ltda. and under the supervision of Integrar Gestão e Inovação Agropecuária on a commercial farm selected by Tuch, in Rio Grande, RS.

Tuch is a key distributor of fertilisers and agriproducts in the southern region of Brazil. AGR has signed a memorandum of understanding with Tuch for the commercialisation of Pampafos®.

As part of the tests, the nutrient sources were applied by launching in the field to the oats that were seeded in a flat soil area in early June 2021. In total, five treatments, T1 (control without P2O5) T2, T3, T4 and T5, were conducted over an area of 5 hectares, 1 hectare per treatment.

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T2, T3 and T4 had distinct dosages of P2O5 from Pampafos® and Lavrato® as shown in the table below:

Summary of treatments on oat in the field

Image Source: AGR Announcement 22/12/2021

Besides, a dosage of 64.8kg/ha of N + 9.6kg/ha of Ca + 4.8kg/ha of Mg was also applied across all treatments, and the oat crop was harvested in October 2021.

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Encouraging results from various treatments

The results of the oat dry matter yields were similar in treatments T2, T3, T4 and T5 and the results from the treatments clearly exceeded the result from the treatment T1. Treatment T5 returned the highest dry matter productivity of all treatments with 4,442kg/ha, followed by treatment T3, which returned a productivity of 4,210kg/ha,

 Oat dry mass production from each treatment

Image Source: AGR Announcement 22/12/2021

The comparison of treatments T2 and T4 with T5 shows that the yields returned using Pampafos® and Lavrato® attained 92% and 93%, respectively.

AGR looks forward to repeating the tests on oat in the same location during the winter season of 2022 in Brazil.

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Bottom Line

The latest results are highly encouraging as the State of Rio Grande do Sul has around 270,000 hectares of oat fields cultivated annually. The results indicate that the products hold potential to replace conventional and chemically processed phosphate fertilisers.

All in all, AGR’s DANF phosphate products have now been tested on soybean, rice, corn, wheat, and oat crops in Brazil, and all tests have delivered excellent results. The development places the Company exceptionally well to play a leading role in the building of a more efficient and sustainable agricultural industry in the state.

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AGR shares were trading at AU$0.054 in the early hours of 13 January 2022. 


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