Aguia (ASX:AGR) receives encouraging mineralogical analysis results for Andrade Project


  • Aguia Resources has concluded a mineralogical analysis of ore samples from its Andrade copper project.
  • The results shall assist in enhancing the copper processing while laying the foundation for further testing of options with the potential to reduce costs.
  • AGR is engaged in evaluating environmentally friendly solutions for the project operation and ore processing.

Multi-commodity company Aguia Resources Limited (ASX:AGR) had been seeking to commence work at its copper assets. The Company’s most advanced copper asset is the Andrade Copper Project, which is located in the Rio Grande do Sul (RS).

Amid the continuing legal proceedings for the Três Estradas Phosphate Project (TEPP), AGR has increased focus over its copper assets.

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Mineralogical analysis concluded

Lately, AGR has concluded a quantitative automated mineralogical analysis over ore samples from its Andrade Project. The analysis was aimed at ascertaining the mineral abundances, copper deportment, and liberation features of the copper minerals on a High-Grade (HG) and a Low-Grade (LG) sample from the project.

Mineralogical analysis results

Summary of assay reconciliation results for composite samples (Source: AGR Announcement 12/10/21)

  • The grain size estimation indicated that all the Cu-bearing minerals are typically fine-grained.
  • The P80 value shows that 80% of the Combined Cu minerals mass for the HG and LG samples is composed of grains.
  • The P80 values indicate that both samples and combined silicates are generally coarser than the Combined Cu minerals.

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Notably, the analysis offers an enhanced precise quantification of the copper minerals, the way of their occurrence and their association to other minerals and measures the liberation.

Significance of the results

In mid-February 2021, AGR reported highly encouraging results for the Andrade project indicating that 96% of the copper found in the ore body had the potential of being extracted. Moreover, the current results empower AGR to focus on the processing techniques that can be utilised to enhance copper extraction at the project.

Dr Fernando,MD, comment

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AGR believes that the results shall help to enhance the copper processing flowsheet of the ore and lay the foundation for additional testing of options, which, if successful, is expected to allow AGR to streamline the mine processing, which shall potentially lead to reduced CAPEX and OPEX for the project.

Moreover, the results have provided an understanding of the quantity of ore required to initially crush and grind for efficiently exposing the copper particles.

Mineral liberation results

Mineral liberation results for HG and LG samples (Source: AGR Announcement 12/10/21)

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Ongoing work

At present, AGR’s team is engaged in the evaluation of other solutions related to the project operation and ore processing. This is aimed at pursuing environmentally friendly and intelligent engineering solutions that can possibly curb the footprints of the project on the natural environment and attain significant cost savings and risk mitigation.

These solutions shall be focused on the reduction of energy consumption and, subsequently, the decline of greenhouse gas emissions. AGR also looks to test alternative routes for ore processing, using various techniques, including gravity separation, selective grinding, and mineral sorting.

These technologies are being widely used in copper processing plants across the globe as their major benefit includes allowing a reduction of the mass of material that shall feed the last stages of the process. This can further lower the volume of tailings significantly, which is a huge benefit to the local environment.

Besides this, AGR also looks to test the efficiency of bioleaching, which, if proven to be a viable option for the final stages of copper processing, can deliver extraordinary benefits to the environment.

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Bottom Line

All in all, AGR remains confident in delivering a substantially more efficient copper mine with a considerably lower environmental footprint. Moreover, AGR remains committed to identifying and adopting practical and sustainable solutions that shall reduce the impact of upcoming mining activities on the environment and the local community.

AGR stock was noted at AU$0.049 on 21 October 2021.





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