Aerologix: One-stop shop for aerial imaging solutions across industries

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Aerologix: One-stop shop for aerial imaging solutions across industries

Drone flight operations in Australia
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  • Aerologix is spanning its aerial drone flight operation services to businesses across varied industries.
  • With advancements in drone technology applications and accessibility, Aerologix’s pilot network is expanding across Australia rapidly.
  • Aerologix has emerged as a one-stop platform for the drone data of difficult-to-reach assets for its clients across all eight states and territories in Australia.

Tom Caska and Rakesh Routhu founded Aerologix Pty. Ltd., which is gaining ground in the aerial imaging sector through its ‘uber for drones’ solution, combining state-of-the-art digital technology and an expansive drone pilot network.

Australian skies remained out of access for businesses for many years. However, with advancements in technology and communications, Aerologix is rapidly expanding its aerial drone flight operation services to businesses across industries. It is growing at scale towards its aim to become Australia’s Mission Control for drones anytime, anywhere.

Hosting an expansive portfolio of drone operations across industries

Aerologix has emerged as a one-stop platform for drone data on-demand for its clients to collect actionable insights of their difficult-to-reach assets across all eight states and territories in Australia. Below are some of the businesses that employ Aerologix drone data services to nurture all-inclusive growth.

Aerologix: One-stop solution for aerial imaging across industries

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  • Construction
    Aerologix helps clients develop a new perspective through its highly detailed analytics and visual progress reports of construction sites via professional drone service. The work can nvolve mapping, tracking, and conducting surveys of assets, and much more.
  • Residential Property
    In the modern-day world, one of the most competitive markets is residential real estate, with skyrocketing prices and fierce demand. Aerologix helps property owners and real estate agents get the best shots of their properties to stand out in the market.
  • Engineering
    Aerologix gives its remote pilots exclusive access to industry-leading tech tools to capture LiDAR data with speed and accuracy.
  • Agriculture
    Entering the agriculture sector, Aerologix helps farmers with aerial data specifying crop stress and insect activity through aerial imaging and live-stream footage of crop fields. The use of drones allows farmers to inspect their assets spread across vast fields without physical labour.

So far, Aerologix has successfully delivered thousands of projects across the board utilising its teams of over 800 skilled and certified drone operators across the country.

Why are more businesses opting for Aerologix drone flight projects?

Revolutionary Technology, Aerologix
Source: Company website

  • Aerologix offers its clients access to a huge network of skilled and experienced drone pilots to fuel your vision with information from the skies.
  • With its ‘uber for drones’ solutions and revolutionary technology, the clients gain access to a reliable way for gathering high quality information.
  • Aerologix team ensures that all kinds of safety measures and regulatory compliance are taken care of during aerial flight missions.
  • A well-operated drone mission providing aerial insights and data can fend off catastrophic occurrences like the Australian bushfire.

Aerologix well equipped with the latest tech features

AEROPATH: It is an in-house developed, automated flight navigation system to automate mapping around complex structures. Aeropath designs a flight path around the structure depending on size, type, and location. It integrates the airspace and weather information ensuring the safety of flights. Also, vision is transmitted to clients in real time. Thus, this feature enables maximum efficiency of a drone flight operation.

Bottom Line

A shoot up in demand for drone imaging and data insights across industries is prompting Aerologix to develop advanced technology and maximise the use of Australian airspace for its business clients. The company is determined to ensure premium-quality delivery of drone flight operations at fast turnaround times.

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