Aerologix: Australia’s leading provider of aerial imaging solutions


  • Aerologix Pty. Ltd. is Australia’s number one drone network and aerial imaging solution provider.
  • The company empowers drone pilots to monetise their skills through a unique 'Uber for drones' business model.
  • Aerologix offers live streaming of assets to clients, anytime, anywhere.
  • The platform welcomes qualified drone operators of Australia to join its network of drone pilots and get paid for flying to the skies.

What was initially exclusive and rare has now evolved to become an imperative part of major events and projects. Today, drones are being put to use for a thorough review, surveying, critical detailing, visual inspection, data gathering and several other purposes across industries. It is an exceptionally well-designed product of technology that gives a bird’s eye view of anything from anywhere.

With a surge in demand for aerial imaging solutions, business in the sector has made good speed. The technology is now well accepted across different business sectors. Aerologix Pty. Ltd. is a premium company that has been connecting clients with licensed, skilled and qualified drone pilots to provide exceptionally fast and affordable drone data and solve client problems.

Aerologix: Australia’s number one drone network and aerial imaging solutions provider 

Aerologix is Australia’s number one drone network and aerial imaging solutions provider. With a fair combination of cutting-edge technology and a large distribution network of on-demand drone pilots, Aerologix has set its foot firmly in the sector.

Founded by Tom Caska and Rakesh Routhu, Aerologix is driven by the mission to bridge the gap between licensed pilots and its client’s aerial mission through an expansive, intelligent network. The firm offers a ‘uber for drones’ solution utilising the latest cutting-edge technology to support drone pilots and its clients.

Marching Ahead with Expertise in Drone Missions

Drone mission, Aerologix

Image Source: © Ake1150sb |Megapixl.com

The company has emerged as a leading provider of aerial visual solutions owing to its finesse in drone operations. Aerologix allows clients to access valuable aerial data by providing access to a qualified drone network spanning across the country to ensure excellence.

Low-cost and fast-paced data capture and delivery have bagged multiple large infrastructure
customers for Aerologix to provide 3D data for their telecommunication tower assets.

Aerologix makes use of patented algorithms and geo location to fulfil the requirements of projects of its clients across different industries and provide information from the skies. This is possible due to the patented proprietary technology and innovative software solutions such as AeroPath, which is an automated flight path system enabling flawless data capture of a complex tower at the click of a button. The company has been investing in its own proprietary technology through the development of AeroCad and plans to expand AeroPath solutions to other complex structures.

Despite offering low-cost and technologically superior solutions, Aerologix leaves no stones unturned to ensure regulatory compliance and all safety precautions are taken while performing a drone mission.

Live Coverage Experience with Aerologix

Transmission of audio-visual data shot using a drone over the internet in real-time is the other feature that makes Aerologix stand out from other aerial vision solution providers in the industry. It offers live streaming of assets to clients, anytime, anywhere.

Live video broadcast experience is made successful by using advanced tools and technology. The audio-visual is shot and released simultaneously from any geographic location in near-real time to its clients.

A game-changing platform for drone pilots

Remote pilot operating drone in airspace

Image Source: © Scharfsinn86 | Megapixl.com

Drone is often called an ‘unpiloted aircraft.’ It may appear so, but it isn’t true. Drone missions are accomplished because a professional pilot operates them. Drone pilots or remote pilots play a pivotal role. Aerologix welcomes qualified drone operators of Australia to join its network of drone pilots and get paid for flying to the skies.

At Aerologix, competent remote pilots carry off aerial visual projects and shoot aerial imagery for clients using premier commercial drones. They ensure that the end result is in line with the specifications of a project as provided by clients.

Pilots associated with Aerologix also get exclusive access to its flight app AeroPath on iOS and Android. It allows complete automated mapping of complex structures such as telecommunication towers. It is a new 3D flight navigation feature capable of designing a flight path around an asset in the basis of its size, type, and location.

Serving across industries

Be it telecommunications, real estate, emergency services, government events or private functions, aerial imagery has found wide-scale application across industries. That being so, Aerologix has been winning clients from a variety of fields across the country. The growing popularity of drones, as well as far-reaching aerial imagery and data, have made drones a new tool of marketing too.

Bottom Line
With extensive experience, up-to-date technology and requisite skillset, Aerologix has enabled successful drone missions in Australian airspace for its clients. With great prospects for the years ahead, the company is leading the commercial drone industry by solving aerial data-related problems of its customers across different parts of the country. 


Source: Aerologix





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