A snapshot of Creso Pharma’s nutraceutical products portfolio


  • ASX-listed emerging cannabis player, Creso Pharma, develops its products in four main categories - therapeutics, nutraceuticals, animal health and cosmetics.
  • The Company’s cannabinoid-based nutraceutical product range is designed to aid in lowering stress and pain levels.
  • Creso’s cannaQIX® is the first and exclusive standardised nutraceutical product comprising broad-spectrum hemp oil extract, zinc, and vitamins.

Creso Pharma Limited (ASX:CPH) is a frontrunner in cannabidiol (CBD) innovation, developing medical cannabis and hemp-derived nutraceuticals (therapeutic-grade) with a comprehensive range of applications in human as well as animal health.

The Company is engaged in the development of products across four categories – therapeutics, nutraceuticals, animal health and cosmetics. Individual products in each category are designed to leverage the best that cannabis can offer to improve the lives of people and animals.

Source: CPH Website

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Creso Pharma’s products are based on GAP, or Good Agricultural Practices, grown cannabis and hemp whilst being manufactured as per the best quality standards utilising Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facilities.

Creso’s nutraceutical products range

Nutraceuticals are products that offer additional health and medical benefits besides their basic nutritional value.  Creso Pharma’s nutraceutical product range intends to support stress and pain reduction besides maintaining natural health balance as well as the wellbeing of humans.

The cannabinoid-based nutraceuticals supplement the natural cannabinoids of the human body and assist the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in regulating homeostasis. This helps in restoring the balance and allows people to lead more fulfilling lifestyles.

cannaQIX® is the first and unique standardised nutraceutical comprising broad-spectrum hemp oil extract (without tetrahydrocannabinol, i.e., THC), vitamins and zinc. It helps in alleviating stress and boosts psychological and nervous functions.

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Let us dive deeper and discuss the nutraceutical product range of Creso Pharma-


cannaQIX®10 is Creso’s sugar-free buccal formulation containing CBD from broad-spectrum hemp oil extract, vitamins, and minerals.

The product does not include any THC and is available in boxes (24 gum Arabic lozenges per box).  cannaQIX®10 is available at over the counter (OTC), i.e., without any prescription.

CPH manufactures cannaQIX®10 in a GMP certified compliant facility and with Swiss Made Label. The product is for stress reduction and supports cognitive as well as psychological functions in humans.

Creso Pharma has launched cannaQIX®10 in Germany, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, the UK, and Switzerland.

In February 2021, Creso disclosed that it has taken over the marketing and sales of cannaQIX®, which had been outsourced to Doetsch Grether in the Swiss market for the last three years. The product is registered with key wholesalers reaching more than 2,100 pharmacies and drugstores as a point of sales to the customer.


cannaQIX® 25 is another sugar-free food supplement and is a new buccal formulation comprising CBD from broad-spectrum hemp oil extract, minerals, and vitamins. cannaQIX®25 does not contain THC and is manufactured in a certified GMP compliant facility with Swiss Made Label.

Creso Pharma launched cannaQIX®25 in Germany through multi-level marketing (MLM) in February 2020.

cannaQIX®10 NITE

cannaQIX® NITE is a sugar-free food supplement that comes in the advanced buccal formulation.  cannaQIX® NITE comprises CBD from hemp oil extract, lemon balm, minerals, and vitamins.

It is available OTC and produced in a certified GMP compliant facility and with Swiss Made Label. The product is THC free.

cannaQIX® NITE focuses on improvement of sleep, stress reduction and supports cognitive and psychological functions in humans.

Source: CPH Website

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cannaQIX® Hemp Teas

On 1 April 2021, Creso Pharma updated the market with the launch of three CBD-based tea products under its well-recognised cannaQIX® brand. The products include cannaQIX® tea, cannaQIX® Immunity tea, and  cannaQIX® NITE tea.

The Company has launched these products in Switzerland with other European markets, including Germany, where Creso plans to expand in the near future.

Source: CPH Announcement (1 April 2021)

The development of the new tea products is a revolutionary technological accomplishment and offers a significant competitive advantage to the Company.

Moreover, the Company is planning to progress using this new technology for cannaQIX® lozenge flagship products’ manufacturing.

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