A Glance Through Skin Elements’ (ASX:SKN) All-natural Soléo Organics Sunscreen


  • Skin Elements manufactures Soléo Organics sunscreen for sensitive skin without using any artificial ingredients.
  • Soléo Organics sunscreen products are eco-friendly from its packaging to the ingredients.
  • The EWG has rated Soléo Organics all-natural sunscreen as the No. 1 sunscreen product across all age groups.

Australian natural skin care player Skin Elements Limited (ASX:SKN) has invested two decades in designing and developing all-natural, organic health, and wellness products.

The Company sources the healthiest ingredients for its brands and products. With expertise in natural science and innovation, Skin Elements manufacture products that are leading the industry without hurting the planet.

Skin Elements’ Soléo Organics Product Range

Soléo Organics sunscreen is Skin Elements’ award-winning all-natural and organic brand for skin protection. The sunscreen protects the skin from UV-A as well as UV-B solar radiation while offering natural moisturising skin care bolstered with the natural botanical extracts.

SKN’s Soléo Organics was developed for sensitive skin without artificial fragrances, chemical UV-absorbers, petroleum by-products, and synthetic preservatives. However, it is recommended that allergy-prone people should first carry out a patch test.

It is noteworthy to mention that the EWG (Environmental Working Group) has rated Soléo Organics All-Natural Sunscreen as the No. 1 sunscreen.

In its September 2020 quarter report, SKN highlighted that it had completed the manufacturing of ~10K units of Soléo Organics sunscreen.

Skin Elements also placed an order for an additional 110K units of the sunscreen range with Melbourne-based Baxter Laboratories. The manufacturing of ~40K units is already in progress.

Source: Soleoorganics.com

In late December 2020, Skin Elements signed an agreement with Sambora, the owner of BeachToes (nail polish business).

The Company believes that BeachToes™ will complement its Soléo Organics sunscreens. Moreover, the natural nail polish will attract a similar demographic as its current products.

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Soléo Sunscreen’s Formulation

Soléo Organics sunscreen comprises antioxidants, botanical extracts, and natural oils, which nourish and protect the skin.

The active ingredient in the sunscreen is zinc oxide (22.3%). Other key ingredients used in the formulation include beeswax, candelilla wax, capric/caprylic triglycerides (plant oil derived), cucumber extract, grapeseed oil, and green tea extract etc.

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Characteristics of Soléo Organics sunscreen

Soléo Organics sunscreen formula offers consumers an alternative to commonly-used synthetic sunscreens. The sunscreen has been formulated according to naturopathic principles without adding any chemicals, including titanium dioxide, UV-absorbers, or synthetic preservatives.

Here are the key characteristics of Soléo Organics:

All-natural skin care product- Soléo Organics all-natural sunscreen is manufactured organically. The product is manufactured as an alternative to commonly-used synthetics sunscreens.

Advanced Technology- Soléo Organics products are manufactured in Australia and are a major development in sun care for their neutrally-scented and water-resistant property. The sunscreen contains organic ingredients and has a minimal skin irritation factor for individuals with sensitive skin, including babies, children, and pregnant women.

Innovatively designed- The organic sunscreen is designed innovatively to protect from UV-A and UV-B solar radiation while offering natural moisturisation to the skin. The product is enriched with natural and organic botanical extracts.

Eco-friendly- All-natural sunscreen is environment friendly from its packaging to the ingredients. The packaging material, as well as container vessel of the product, are produced from completely (100%) recyclable material.

Nanoparticles-free sunscreen- Soléo Organics products of SKN do not use any nanoparticles in its formulations. SKN’s state-of-the-art zinc technology can provide high-performance zinc with no thick white coating while preventing nanoparticles use in its formulation. SKN,  as the market-leading natural and organic sunscreen, continues to ascertain that the Company avoids nanoparticles.

On 01 February 2021, SKN shares closed at A$0.100.

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