Why are these two Australian healthcare shares trending – RAC, 4DX?

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  • ASX-listed oncology player Race Oncology to explore the use of Bisantrene for the treatment of ccRCC.
  • 4DMedical to secure contracts with DoD and VA facilities for its XV LVAS with a pre-agreed pricing structure.

Two ASX-listed healthcare stocks - Race Oncology Limited (ASX:RAC) and 4DMedical Limited (ASX:4DX) have come up with key announcements today, bringing them under the limelight. Race Oncology Limited entered into a collaborative preclinical research program to explore the use of Bisantrene in renal cancer treatment. 4DMedical Limited (ASX:4DX) has been granted a smooth process to secure contracts with the US government for its analysis software, XV LVAS™.

Let us dive deeper and discuss in detail-

Race Oncology, University of Newcastle collaborate for kidney cancer study

Race Oncology announced that the Company has entered into a new collaborative preclinical research program with the University of Newcastle to study Bisantrene in renal cancer.

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The Company stated that Associate Professor Nikki Verrills would lead the study. Mr Verrills is an eminent cancer researcher and has successfully led RAC’s preclinical breast and ovarian cancer programs.

In this project, RAC will use cellular models for to study Bisantrene as a novel therapy for ccRCC (clear cell renal cell carcinoma), a devastating form of kidney cancer.

Bisantrene, a potent targeted inhibitor FTO

Recently, Bisantrene proved to be a potent targeted inhibitor of the FTO (Fat Mass and Obesity) associated protein. In previous studies, it was observed that FTO enzyme activity was important for the survival of ccRCC, and FTO inhibition can directly kill over 90% of these cancer cells.

The Company is confident that this study could lead to new renal cancer treatments with improved safety as well as efficacy, especially for resistant cancers.

RAC stated that the study results would support Phase 2 clinical trials of Bisantrene in ccRCC, which is currently planned to commence in early 2022 in Australia.

The project will begin immediately, and the findings are anticipated to be reported in the upcoming 12 months.

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Dr Daniel Tillett, Chief Scientific Officer of Race Oncology, commented-

Stock Information: On 25 March 2021, RAC shares were trading at A$3.850, down by 2.532% at AEDT 12:37 PM.

4DMedical to work with the US government for XV LVAS

Medical technology company 4DMedical updated the market that it has been given a streamlined process to secure contracts with the US Department of Defense (DoD) and Veterans Affairs (VA). The Company will receive these grants through NASA’s Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) program.

The access will allow DoD and VA affiliated healthcare facilities to sign an agreement with 4DMedical for the integration as well as the use of its proprietary XV Lung Ventilation Analysis Software (XV LVAS™) for providing valuable insights related to lung health.

The Company will generate revenue as it secures supply contracts from each facility adopting the technology.

As part of the agreement, 4DMedical has agreed to a fixed cost for its XV LVAS offering at DoD and VA facilities with no separate compensation requirement. This will simplify commercial arrangements with DoD and VA facilities by having a pre-agreed pricing structure for the software.

Andreas Fouras, Founder and CEO of 4DMedical, commented-

Stock Information: On 25 March 2021, 4DX shares were trading at A$1.615, up by 2.215% at AEDT 12:37 PM.

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