Three unnoticed green stocks capable of fuelling go-green buzz

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Three unnoticed green stocks capable of fuelling go-green buzz

 Three unnoticed green stocks capable of fuelling go-green buzz

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  • The whole world is targeting to reduce carbon footprints by evolving new technologies and framing new policies.
  • Biden's $2 trillion master plan has further triggered the green boom, and businesses are setting goals to reduce emissions.
  • Investors are looking to contribute to the global move by investing in eco-friendly firms capable enough to provide substantial capital gains.

The world is on its mission to become carbon neutral by 2050. Countries are framing new laws and policies to combat carbon emissions. President Biden's recent US$2.0 trillion master plan to rejuvenate the economy has further boosted sentiments towards green stocks.

Technology is evolving day-by-day; electric vehicles (EVs) are coming into play to reduce pressure on the environment. Everyone, including scientists, politicians, government, businesses, are willing to reduce the burden on Mother Earth. 

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Green energy is the new buzz nowadays. Advanced power plants which have dodged fossil fuels are gaining more traction from investors. Businesses have set their goals to limit carbon footprints. Scientists are developing technology for carbon capture and storage (CCS). The stakeholders are trying their best to make this necessary shift from black to green.

If you are also concerned about the environment and looking to contribute to this global movement, you have various ways to help. But as an investor, you just need to be a little more cautious. You may commit a small portion of your investment into green or eco-friendly stocks trying hard to bring the new revolution.

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We have picked some good un-noticed eco-friendly stocks listed on ASX, which are simultaneously supporting the green revolution and providing decent capital gains.

MPower Group Ltd (ASX:MPR)

MPower is a technology company that provides power solutions to blue-chip organisations. The company delivers solar farms and provide battery energy storage systems. In addition to that, the technology solution provider also excels in delivering unique hybrid power systems and backup power systems.

The company has a market cap of A$24.45 million, and the shares of MPR traded at A$0.14 during early morning trade on 19 March. Notably, the shares have multiplied by seven times in past one year.

Papyrus Australia Ltd (ASX:PPY)

With a market cap of A$18.81 million, shares of Papyrus Australia multiplied the wealth of investors by 4 times in the past one year. The company owns an innovative technology of converting waste banana trunks into forest wood products. The wood products can further be converted into useful items like paper, building and industrial materials or can be used to produce packaging material.

The wood products manufactured by the company's ground-breaking technology are water, fire and UV resistant. In addition to that, the products offer more strength than conventional wood and require less sealing and coating.

Shares of PPY traded at A$0.046 during early morning trade on 19 March.

Tilt Renewables Limited (ASX:TLT)

Tilt Renewables is an ASX listed electricity generation company. The company owns a bunch of wind and solar farms in Australia and New Zealand. The company is trying to rebalance electricity generation with low carbon outcomes. In addition to that, TLT also aims to double its current operations in the next five years.

The company has a market cap of A$2.64 billion, and the shares of TLT outperformed by locking more than 151 per cent gains in the past one year. TLT shares traded at A$7.020 during early morning trade on 19 March.


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