No decision on ‘fully vaccinated’ definition as of now

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No decision on ‘fully vaccinated’ definition as of now

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  • The National Cabinet has put down the proposal to change the ‘fully vaccinated’ definition for now.
  • Daniel Andrews, the Victorian Premier, initially proposed the change in the definition.
  • He feels that the booster shot should be made mandatory across the state as it approaches towards the reopening of schools.

The definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ remains unchanged as per the decision of the National Cabinet. On Thursday afternoon, the National Cabinet had held a meeting to discuss if the definition needed to be changed as suggested by Daniel Andrews.

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The Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, was hopeful about getting approval on updating the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’. He has said that the third dose of a booster vaccination is mandatory for everyone as the state is approaching to reopen schools.

Daniel believes that full vaccination is no more a story two doses or two-dose plus one bonus. It is a story of three mandatory vaccine doses to combat COVID-19 infection even if cases reduce. He intended to inject this concept into the minds of people by changing the definition followed by seeking approval from the national cabinet and ATAGI. However, the National Cabinet has refused to approve this request as the ATAGI is yet to finalise if a third dose is mandatory for all.

Daniel suggested the definition of fully vaccinated must be based on the number of doses needed to get jabbed. Australia might follow the footsteps of Israel, which are currently rolling out the fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.  


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