5 Tips to bag the best in Cyber Monday shopping


  • Cyber Monday discounts and coupons are filling all ad spaces online.
  • All major retailers online offer Cyber Monday discounts and deals.
  • Buyers can make the most of it with a few tips to follow.

Cyber Monday is kicking in and Black Friday offer are bound to continue till Monday midnight. Online retailers all across are already promoting dedicated Cyber Monday sections. To add on to the shopping frenzy, Cyber Monday discount codes and coupons are trending across payment apps and Buy Now Pay Later platforms.

Discounts for Cyber Monday 2021

In Australia, the Black Friday weekend is a long one and gets extended till Cyber Monday. Aussie shoppers jump-start Christmas shopping at the cheapest from popular shopping sites like eBay, Catch, Gymnshark, Amazon, The Good guys, and many more. With all these buyers luring schemes throughout the weekend, retailers try to make the most of their year-end sales. Discounted laptops, discounts on electronics and mobile phones accessories and everything you were looking for. Buyers are bombed with offers and discounts online. The discount fever ends up making a lot of cuts and additions to shopping lists.

5 Shopping Tips to make most of Cyber Monday 2021

Here are a few tips to make the most of Cyber Monday sales this year.  

  1. Prepare a Cyber Monday wish list

You haven't yet? Now is the right time to list down everything you wanted to on Black Friday but couldn’t. With a ready wish list, when you click on any online shopping website, you are bound to be quick. The ready list will help you grab everything you missed to buy on Black Friday. A list will save your scrolling time helping you order quicker than other shoppers.    

  1. Check all Cyber Monday discounts and offs

Once your wish list is ready, take a look at all available discounts and offers on those products. Check multi retail websites and even those single product focused websites. For example, you can check out Cyber Monday discounts on that new laptop on your wish list at eBay, Amazon and even on Lenovo, HP or Dell websites.  It is the best way to bag in the cheapest deal before the Click Frenzy ends. You can list down all offers in your wish list to facilitate comparison.

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  1. Keep a tab of return and delivery policies

While you are scrolling through various websites and offers, don't forget to check out the product's return policy. Black Friday to Cyber Monday a swarm of shoppers are surfing online discounts. This means retailers overstock everything beforehand. In such a case, chances are high of getting your product colour or size mixed. If this happens, there is always an option to exchange or return and get the right one.

Another thing to check side by side is that the product is deliverable to your location. If not, then you might unnecessarily waste time on the wrong website or product. Also, check the delivery charges and offers for subscription members.

  1. Keep in mind your budget and pay mode

Now, this is an essential thing to keep in mind. Since you are looking to make the most of discounts on Cyber Monday, so don't get trapped in that buying frenzy and end up overspending. For this, the best way is to fix a budget in mind. You can also check out which payment method will work best. There might be offers from BNPL sites like Afterpay, Zip or on credit cards.

  1. Fix the website you want to shop from

Once you have checked out all of the above, finalise the website from where you will order. Having it ready in your mind will get you there quicker and grab on to those limited stock offers or Three to four hour discounts. By no chance will you miss to buy products at sweetest discounts. One way you can do this is by bookmarking webpages before-hand on your browser.

Few Cyber Monday safety tips-

Buyers must also keep in mind a few safety tips while shopping out or online this Black Friday.

  • Don't get lured by fake websites and discounts; check them if they are for real.
  • Use secure payment methods, sites and links. A lot of cyber phishing and fraud incidences happen every time a mega shopping event happens.
  • Don’t go shopping on public Wi-Fi which can get jammed or hacked easily.
  • Safeguard your shopping account with strong passwords to avoid any cyber-attack.

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