Most popular internet providers in Australia


  • Some internet providers have won a higher rank on users’ radar due to their high-speed internet and value-focused plans.
  • Tangerine Telecom is one of the fastest growing internet providers in Australia.
  • SpinTel is icode compliant operating under Internet Industry Association to ensure cybersecurity for all its users.
  • Telstra has been successful in building the first and the largest 5G network for Aussies.

In the wide web of internet providers, there are few enablers of connectivity who are winning the race with their high-speed internet and value-focused plans. While some of them are newbies, others have been serving individual users and businesses since decades. Their plans and schemes are a treasure trove for the users across regions with lots on offer at very reasonable prices. Let’s explore a little more about the popular internet providers in Australia.

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Tangerine Telecom: One of the fastest growing internet providers, Tangerine Telecom is known for delivering high-standard customer service. It has a range of plans offering high-speed internet at great value for its new as well as existing customers. Tangerine users also have an option to change their plan anytime as per their requirement and budget.

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SpinTel: Established in the year 1996, Spintel is one of the most trusted and leading telecommunications firms in Australia. Also, the telco is icode compliant which means it operates under the Internet Industry Association (IIA) initiative for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ensure cybersecurity for all its users.

Superloop: An independent provider of connectivity services, Superloop designs, builds, and and operates a wide network across the Asia Pacific metro region. Utilising finest resources and technology, Superloop ensures stable internet connection with high-grade performance to its subscribers. It hosts a team of experts from the telco industry to offer seamless network solutions.

Telstra: The top-tier firm has been successful in building the first and the largest 5G network in Australia. With great pace, Telstra is expanding its 5G network in different areas across the country on selected plans. Moreover, Telstra allows its users to stay informed about performance ratings of internet running on their devices through its My Telstra mobile app.

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Aussie Broadband: The brand has won several awards for providing a high-quality internet service and an endless variety of plans. Owned and operated by an Australian, the telco has an amazing offer for its clients across industries, be it healthcare, education, construction, or finance. It ensures users enjoy an uninterrupted network connection with high-end technology as well as proficient technical expertise and assistance.

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