Looking for mobile plans this festive season?

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Looking for mobile plans this festive season?

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 Looking for mobile plans this festive season?
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Are you searching for the right mobile plans for the upcoming festive season? Want to know if you’re paying right for mobile data, calls and texts? Here are a few things you should look at before choosing a mobile plan-

  base to choose mobile plans

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Types of Mobile plans

There are various types of plans available, which are so dynamic as it keeps changing with time to time for each company to each region/state and multiple times in a year.

You have a wide variety to choose from. Let’s scroll through the types of plans available like

  • SIM only
  • Phone plan- prepaid or post-paid plans
  • Broadband plans

Basic features that differentiate the plans are

  • How and when to pay for the plan service
  • Whether there is any ongoing contract
  • What is the next step once the data limit is exhausted on the ongoing plan?

Any selection of the final plan depends on your budget preference. Assess your needs thoroughly from the plans offered and decide accordingly. 

Article Assumptions

  • This article shall talk about top telecom companies in Australia
  • Only SIM based plans.
  • The concentration is on the top 5 cheapest unlimited data plans offered by these companies.

Wondering about the cheapest unlimited data plans available?

Here is a list of the cheapest, sim only, unlimited data plans available in Australia –

Service Provider

Plan Name


For more details check Website


Felix subscription

AU$35 per month



Vodafone Lite Plan


per month



Optus Choice Plan

AU$45 per month



Vodafone Super Plan


per month



Telstra Medium Plan

AU$65 per month



What extra benefits do these plans offer? 

Mobile plans from the above-listed service providers include additional features like-

  • Data sharing
  • International call minutes, international roaming bundles
  • Free calling to service numbers like 13/1300/1800 or special services numbers like 12, 14, 15.
  • Free content and entertainment services like music streaming, video subscriptions, OTT access (Netflix), the sporting event offers (AFL, EFL, Champions League, etc.)
  • Payment options and discounts, Buy now pay later options.

You can quickly check out other plans offered by the telcos along. Websites provide details on the aligned benefits, advertised costs, discounts available, etc. Each of these websites provides easy filters for searching and availing the most suitable plan. Companies also offer various payment options and discounts via links available online. 

Is mobile number portability possible?

Switching from one phone company to another is easy, as long as there is no binding contract. You can easily compare the available mobile phone plans from the above websites and choose one. If you wish, you can also stick to your existing number. Just make sure you don’t cancel your old plan before the new one is activated. Telecos handle the transfer hassle for you. In a few hours to few days, the transfer process is complete.

Who owns these mobile networks?

The mobile networks in Australia are owned and operated by three majors: Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. In simple terms, it means that all the available mobile phone plans in Australia run on either of these networks. The service provider may not be them, but these three major telcos power them. Other smaller telcos listed above are called mobile virtual network operators or MVNOs. They exist because they offer essential telephone services at cheaper rates. Telstra has the most extensive network, covering rural and regional areas. Optus takes the second rank in terms of population reached. Vodafone is the smallest amongst the three.

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How are Australian telecos placed with 5G?

Many countries across the globe have adopted 5G wireless technology from 2019, while a few are still pondering the environmental effects. In Australia, Telstra and Optus have already rolled out their 5G networks across the country. Telstra has even come up with mobile phone collabs with Apple I-phone and Samsung. Optus, on the other hand, has opened 5G access for its MVNOs for faster rollout and broader coverage. Vodafone is still constrained to metro areas like Sydney and Melbourne but is fast-tracking its 5G rollouts now. The 5G options available are in the form of 5G Wi-Fi or 5G home internet, 5G phones and 5G Modems.

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Kalkine Media certifies that it has no commercial or business relationship with the mobile entities mentioned above and has not been offered any incentive from them to write this article.


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