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ASX Announcements*

Time Code Heading View PageCount FileSize
8:18AM CZN Miriam Lithium soil results 19 1.22M
8:18AM UOS Release of Annual Report - UOA Development Bhd 94 1.25M
12:48PM SNL Update - Dividend/Distribution - SNL 5 26k
1:04PM WAK Update - Proposed issue of securities - WAK 5 25k
12:48PM IFL Update - Dividend/Distribution - IFL 6 27k
12:45PM DHG Notification regarding unquoted securities - DHG 6 24k
8:18AM 8VI 8VI Launches Financial Advisory Business 3 859k
8:18AM KTA Mt Clere Exploration Update 19 3.24M
12:40PM CXU Investor Webinar 1 143k
8:18AM SCN Drilling Confirms 3km of LCT Pegmatites Strike - Amended 19 3.91M
12:35PM GNE Genesis Energy - DRP Strike Price 1 118k
12:37PM ARU Additional Export Credit Agency Support for Nolans Project 2 277k
12:33PM WOT Change of Director's Interest Notice 2 111k
8:18AM RWD Investor Update Presentation 23 1.66M
12:28PM STM Investor Webinar Presentation 24 5.18M
12:22PM CVC Successful Completion of Bookbuild 1 87k
12:19PM VTM Notification regarding unquoted securities - VTM 7 28k
12:18PM OML Ceasing to be a substantial holder 2 67k
12:19PM RNX Pause in Trading 1 116k
8:17AM WIN Maiden Resource Proves Up Faraday DSO Starter Opportunity 28 2.86M
12:11PM HCW Trading Halt 2 504k
8:17AM SGA Kenesar Graphite Exploration Project 8 1.29M
12:14PM INF Key Exploration Permit Granted 6 266k
12:05PM VTM Cleansing Statement 1 317k
12:04PM PCI Daily Net Tangible Asset Statement 1 171k
12:05PM PLS Appointment of Chief Financial Officer 2 181k
12:03PM SIS Cleansing Notice 1 161k
12:05PM HMC Trading Halt 2 507k
12:00PM VTM Application for quotation of securities - VTM 6 24k
11:55AM GCI Net Tangible Asset Backing 1 142k
11:49AM EAI Daily NTA 1 117k
11:52AM FAU Lithium Project Acquisition Update 4 214k
11:47AM OXT Date of annual general meeting 1 137k
11:46AM MCL Application for quotation of securities - MCL 6 24k
11:45AM MCL Mighty Craft Completes Placement 2 275k
11:43AM RNX Work at Mongoose Project continuing at pace 6 2.02M
11:34AM G88 Proposed issue of securities - G88 5 24k
11:32AM MOT Daily Fund Update 1 593k
11:34AM IHR Transaction Implementation Deed with TAG 91 1.16M
11:30AM G88 Application for quotation of securities - G88 6 25k
11:35AM ATC Altech - Launch of CERENERGY 1.0MWh GridPack Design 5 518k
11:28AM MIN Application for quotation of securities - MIN 6 25k
11:28AM 3PL Appendix 3Y - Craig Coleman 2 217k
11:26AM HCW Pause in Trading 1 117k
11:25AM HMC Pause in Trading 1 116k
11:21AM MXT Daily Fund Update 1 141k
11:17AM AGR Cota - Aguia's 11th Copper Target in the Rio Grande Belt 12 703k
11:10AM PNT Commencement of Rights Trading 2 86k
11:11AM GTK Ongoing Disclosure Notice 4 208k
11:09AM GTK Capital Change Notice 3 118k
11:05AM BIR Change in substantial holding 4 1.24M
11:06AM HRE Widespread Rare Earths in Expanded Western Zone 38 2.12M
11:01AM ACL Change in substantial holding 5 1.81M
11:02AM CPT General Meeting Update 1 109k
10:59AM THL thl to hold Investor Day on 9 May 2023 1 200k
10:55AM IMR Notification regarding unquoted securities - IMR 8 31k
10:52AM MCE Application for quotation of securities - MCE 6 24k
10:51AM IHR Broker Announcement 1 111k
10:42AM FPP Notification of buy-back - FPP 5 22k
10:39AM IPB Application for quotation of securities - IPB 6 24k
10:35AM SSL Appendix 3Y - Change in RR & GR Indirect Interest 4 83k
10:40AM IHR IHR enters into Transaction Implementation Deed with TAG 4 157k
10:29AM NAM Profit Guidance Correction 1 854k
10:24AM DOC AGM Results 2 219k
10:22AM FPP FPP - Buyback 2 299k
10:24AM DOC AGM Chair and CEO Addresses 46 4.27M
10:21AM SWTZ Distribution for month ending 31 March 2023 1 171k
10:23AM GRL Response to price query 5 394k
10:16AM QRI Estimated NTA as at 27.03.2023 1 71k
10:15AM NNL Electromagnetic Survey Expands Mineralised Footprint 11 987k
10:43AM C7A Binding Term Sheet for sale of Granville Project 2 188k
10:08AM CCE Carnegie Presentation at EuropeWave Conference 15 1.58M
10:05AM WOO Proposed issue of securities - WOO 7 30k
10:04AM PIC Investor Presentation - March 2023 12 440k
10:03AM DRE Yin Resource to Grow, Carbonatite Drilling Commenced 18 2.03M
10:02AM IFM Change of Director's Interest Notice 2 224k
10:02AM WOA Buntine Protein Update 6 759k
10:03AM JAN University of Sydney to support ICAS 3 128k
10:00AM COB ASX Webinar Presentation 11 3.47M
9:58AM ROC Award of Cash R&D Tax Incentive and Grant 3 1.68M
9:57AM SLX Silex Extends Share Purchase Plan Closing Date 3 163k
10:08AM MFD Independent Forensic Investigation Final Report 2 221k
9:58AM WKT US$20m debt facility to complete the Lindi Jumbo Project 3 319k
9:53AM CCR Proposed issue of securities - CCR 5 24k
9:55AM XRG Significance of National Trial 1 187k
9:52AM AUK AUK to raise $1,051,720 via strategic investor 2 122k
9:53AM PKO Entitlement Offer Closing 31 March 3 259k
9:51AM PNN Ongoing drilling to enhance Li resource potential Incahuasi 14 1.41M
10:13AM IHR IHR Board withdraws recommendation for Humanforce Scheme 2 177k
9:52AM OLL Investor Presentation 26 2.17M
9:51AM PLS P1000 Project Final Investment Decision 8 316k
9:48AM AUK Proposed issue of securities - AUK 5 24k
9:47AM OLL Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement 34 662k
9:47AM IPX IperionX & Canyon Bicycles Partnership 3 383k
10:13AM GLH GLH Software to support Woolworth's HealthyLife initiative 3 161k
9:44AM FOR Indicative NAV COB 28/3/2023 1 157k
10:01AM HLS TOV: HLS Panel Receives Application 2 114k
9:44AM G6M Renewable Power MoU with Fortescue Future Industries 3 264k
9:42AM IMR Cleansing Notice - Convertible Note Tranche 2 12 360k
9:59AM CCR ARMA Earnout Consideration 2 210k
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