Nuix’s (ASX:NXL) net profit nosedives 190%; here’s how shares are reacting

By - Sonal Goyal

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  • Software developer and seller, Nuix has reported a fall of 13.5% on its statutory revenue for the financial year 2022.
  • EBITDA during the year dropped by 82% to AU$12.1 million.
  • Following the FY22 results, Nuix shares have been trading considerably lower on ASX.

ASX-listed software developer, Nuix Limited (ASX:NXL), on Thursday (18 August 2022), shared the full-year results for the financial year 2022 (FY22). Also, the company has shared a strategic refresh update.

During the given period, the company reported a significant fall in net profit after tax (NPAT), EBITDA and statutory revenue. In line with today’s release, the share price of Nuix, at 10:30 AM AEST, was seen trading 4.23% lower at AU$0.680 apiece. With this, in six months, the share price has dropped by 52.11%, and the year-to-date fall is 70.04%. 

Key financial metrics of the FY22 results

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Strategic refresh update

Investigative analytics provider, Nuix has shared an update on the strategic refresh initiatives undertaken by the company recently. The organisation’s strategic initiative includes focusing on customer centricity and three key horizons.

Three key horizons are building on the strengths, differentiating for large enterprises, and solving for the future.

Jonathan Rubinsztein, CEO, Nuix, said:

Recently, the group has launched a new price book to ensure an alignment between the value added and the prices. To standardise buyer experience, a global sales refresh program has commenced.

Service offerings to customers have been upgraded. A rigorous renewal process is being put into place.

To drive the strategy forward, the group has hired at the leadership levels. Across the organisation, the performance initiatives and KPIs have been realigned to ensure alignment between the employees’ performance and the organisation’s goal.

For horizon 2, SaaS infrastructure construction is already under process. The company is integrating its technology into a unified investigations platform.

Talking about Horizon 3, Nuix is working on the high-value, new, repeatable use case solutions.