Omicron COVID mutation pushes Holista Colltech’s Infection Control division further along high-growth path

Image Source: HCT Presentation, dated 30 July 2021


  • Holista Colltech is taking initiatives in the infection control space, with several compelling offerings. 
  • Responding to an uncanny yet bolstering shift in the global health and wellness market, Holista Colltech took a series of developments to ensure significant growth.
  • Natshield™ sanitiser has been found to be effective on skin and hard surfaces for up to 12 hours.
  • A positive outlook is expected for the infection control solutions division, with demand for the offerings driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The need for infection control has been like never before when the ongoing COVID-19 impact, and risk of new wave continue to threaten the way we live. The world is on high alert concerning the new Omicron variant, and governments across the world are taking drastic measures to dodge off this coronavirus with new genome sequence against which the effect of current vaccines is yet to be fully discovered.

In addition to this, spillover effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have reverberated across diverse sectors while the change in consumer psychology and behaviour continues to drive significant transformations. One such area that has remained on everyone’s radar is the health and wellness space, which recorded a surge in social consciousness towards hygiene, infection, and control. 

Responding to  such an uncanny yet bolstering shift in the global health and wellness market, Holista Colltech Limited (ASX: HCT) took a series of initiatives to ensure significant growth.

Let us explore key developments across its varying products, bolstering the Company’s progress in the infection control setting. 

Strong performance in 1H21

As a result of encouraging market potential, HCT’s interim group revenue jumped by 30% to AU$3.6 million for the six months ended 30 June 2021. The growth in 1H21 revenue is the highest in three years, with the Infection Control Solutions division posting its maiden first-half revenue of AU$179,000. 

The Infection Control Solutions division focuses on providing all-natural sanitising solutions to control viruses. Its NatShield™ and M3® System product offerings cater to the consumer and industrial markets.

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The Group has a partnership with Global Infection Control Consultants LLC (GICC), a US-based company, to roll out several effective solutions.

NatShield™ uses Path-Away®  

Holista holds global distribution rights from GICC for Path-Away®, a plant-based solution that is proven to kill a broad spectrum of microbes. As per the Company, Path-Away® kills 99.9% of COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) within two minutes, highlighted by Microbac tests.

Source: HCT Presentation, dated 30 July 2021

Holista offers a range of disinfectant products under the NatShield™ brand. Notably, NatShield™ brand products contain Path-Away® as an active ingredient and are odourless, non-irritant and do not stain, thereby enjoying several applications. 

Also, Holista secured trademark labelling approval for Natshield™ in China. The Company is set to roll out NatshieldTM aerosol disinfectant and M3 System for industrial applications in the Chinese market.

What’s more, Natshield™ sanitiser has been found to be effective on skin and hard surfaces for up to 12 hours.

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Holista’s M3® system targets large settings

It has long been known that pathogens can infect when airborne. However, several challenges must be taken care of by potentially effective solutions. 

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On this front, Holista has partnered with GICC to leverage opportunities for the M3® system distribution module outside the US. The system, which dispenses through a heating, cooling and ventilation system (HVAC) product in minute-metered doses to the environment, has proven significant when coupled with Path-Away®.

M3® system could prove to be a crucial tool to control some of the highly contagious COVID-19 variants, with its potential applications in buildings and hotel quarantine facilities.

Nasal balm as an alternative to face mask

The Company is developing a nasal balm to protect the nose which is the easiest way for viruses to enter the body as the nose is dark and moist. These conditions make the nose an idea breeding ground for viruses to multiply before entering the body.. 

The sanitising balm contains ProtecteneTM, which Holista also acquired from GICC. Having properties similar to that of Path-Away®, ProtecteneTM is also gentler on the skin and can be applied to sensitive parts of the body.

Currently, under final tests, the nasal balm is planned to be rolled out in Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States.

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What lies ahead for Holista

While there have been material improvements in trading conditions across much of the Group’s operations, pandemic-induced volatility continues to persist in 2021.

Holista has indicated a positive outlook for the Infection Control Solutions division. The Group expects that the pandemic will drive the demand for its all-natural sanitisers, which are gentle on the skin despite repeated usage. The growth in the next phase can be fuelled by new product launches and potential expansion into China.

The Company intends to launch wipes developed by Cool Hands in the Netherlands in collaboration with GICC in Malaysia in the near term. Moreover, Holista explores further opportunities for its COVID-19 test kits as a significant revenue stream for the Group.

HCT shares traded at AU$0.049 on 6 December 2021.



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