Haranga Resources (ASX:HAR) identifies numerous uranium anomalies at Saraya

By - Shwetambri Chauhan


  • Haranga Resources (ASX:HAR FRA:65E0) is riding high with encouraging results from a regional sampling programme covering mostly the northern portion of its Saraya permit (32% of permit).
  • The initial results have highlighted numerous uranium anomalies extending over 25km and displaying the same tenor as the anomaly at the Saraya prospect.
  • At the known Saraya uranium prospect, the company has already defined an exploration target of 5 to 20 million tonnes (4-35 Mlb contained eU3O8) at a grade range of 350 to 750 ppm eU3O8.
  • Historical drilling has further validated the NNE defined anomalies 5km from Saraya prospect including previous hits including: 4m at 427 ppm eU3O8, 11.1m at 610 ppm eU3O8, and 7.6m at 1,002 ppm eU3O8.
  • HAR plans to undertake additional infill termite mound sampling and potential drilling over new identified uranium anomalies.
  • Drill results from recent drilling over the Saraya prospect expected shortly.   

Uranium and gold company Haranga Resources (ASX:HAR FRA:65E0) has published the first results of a regional permit-wide termite mound sampling programme covering only 32% or 520km2 of the Saraya permit in eastern Senegal.

The results have revealed numerous uranium anomalies extending over 25km in the northern portion of the permit.

Regional sampling delineates numerous uranium anomalies at Saraya

XRF analysis was undertaken on 5,054 termite mound samples, results of which were studied with outcomes of a historical termite mound sampling that comprised 5,843 samples.

This exercise resulted in seven large uranium anomalies comprising 140 samples with uranium concentrations ranging between 7 ppm and 17 ppm, as well as smaller anomalies containing up to 15 ppm uranium.

Data source: HAR update

Haranga has completed a 22-hole diamond drilling programme at the Saraya uranium prospect. Drill results are yet to be received.

Historical drilling validates uranium anomalies   

The company has also shared results from historical drilling undertaken almost a decade ago by Areva at the Diobi prospect.

This prospect is located 5km north-north-east of Haranga Resources’ Senegal-based Saraya prospect.

The historical drilling programme had hit uranium mineralisation including 6.4m at 427 ppm eU3O8, 11.1m at 610 ppm eU3O8, and 7.6m at 1,002 ppm eU3O8.

The company considers this portion as another significant opportunity for undertaking infill termite mound sampling.

What’s next?

More results from the latest sampling programme are anticipated during March 2023 quarter.

In the near term, Haranga plans to undertake in-fill termite mound sampling of the anomalous areas on a 250m by 50m grid. Also, the company intends to conduct drilling over new identified uranium targets.

HAR shares traded at AU$0.19 on 7 February 2023.