3 factors that make the online seller, Renovator Store, a force to be reckoned with

By - Ankit Sethi


  • The best deal on prices for home renovation products that could help the buyer steer clear of high inflation
  • Renovator Store guarantees cost savings by procuring products in bulk and eliminating unwanted intermediaries
  • The Australian company sells a wide variety of products, ranging from indoor and outdoor fittings and fixtures to lighting and home theatre

Renovator Store, a company operating in Australia, has become a significant player in the country's online shopping industry. With that being said, the company has a definite and precise vision of making home renovation simple and affordable for Australians.

E-commerce has been continuously growing throughout the years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there have been times that it surpassed traditional trade and commerce. With Renovator Store, it made it convenient for customers to shop for their renovation needs by providing a comprehensive product range in its website, competitive prices, quick dispatch, and money back guarantee.

Below are a few of the most impressive features that make Renovator Store the online store of choice for many.

1. All home renovation products under one roof

Before we discuss the comprehensive product range of Renovator Store, it makes sense to highlight that two properties from the Hilton Hotel Group sourced their furnishing products -- including bathroom fixtures, LED lights, and door handles -- from Renovator Store in 2015. The architects of the project chose the store as their preferred building fixture supplier.

Reason: Renovator Store’s superior quality products come at the most competitive prices.

The store offers a huge range of fittings and fixtures, both for indoor and outdoor spaces. The website provides a smooth ride for renovators who are looking to give their rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces the latest contemporary look while ensuring no cost overruns.

2. No middlemen, and hence the best prices

One of the biggest benefits of online commerce has been its ability to weed out unwanted intermediaries that add unwarranted costs. By eliminating these intermediaries, prices are prevented from being unnecessarily inflated. Renovator Store is able to provide transparency and affordability due to their practice of bulk procurement and not adding any retail markups.

Another is that there are no hassles of visiting multiple stores, which helps customers avoid transacting with various middlemen before purchasing the products that they wish to get. The primary focus of Renovator Store is to help buyers save on costs by purchasing products that are procured directly from manufacturers.

Image source: Renovator Store website

3. Fast dispatch, and free shipping

Home renovation is a dream project for people, where delays could mean both increased costs and negative emotions. These can be avoided with Renovator Store’s ability to quickly process orders and despatch orders within one business day.

The store also provides free shipping for most of the products that are shipped within the country. To avail of this benefit, a buyer simply needs to sign up as a member in the Renovator Store website. In addition to free shipping, members get to enjoy numerous benefits like free Reno Dollars (reward points).

Image source: Renovator Store website; © 2023 Krish Capital Pty. Ltd.

The website

Renovator Store has a neat, consumer-friendly website that enables quick sorting and selection of products. Additional features like 30-day money back guarantee (for members) and free freight protection make the 100% Australian owned Renovator Store a friendly partner for renovators.