Tabcorp Holdings Limited (ASX:TAH)
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AUD 1.035

0.015 (1.471%)
(As on 2022-11-26 20:57:22 AEDT)
Previous Close Open Close*
1.02 1.025 1.035
Market Cap Dividend Yield (Annualized)
AUD 2.359B 17.44%

Day Range
1.02L 1.04 H
0.895L 1.1 H

Chart Price & Information

Last Trade 1.035
Change% 1.4706
52 W H/L 1.100/0.895
NPAT After Abnormal Items 6.776B
Equity 2.711B
ROE% 1.76%
Total Liabilities 1.338B
Total Revenue 2.381B
Cash and Cash Equivalents 199.4M

Stock Information

Share price 1.035
Market Cap 2.359B
Price/Gross Cash Flow 6.77
Dividend Yield Excluding Special 12.21%
Ending Shares 2.226B
52-Week Range 1.100-0.895
Gross DPS (AUD) 0.1857
Gross Dividend Yield (Annualized) 17.44%
Earnings Yield 12.500
Net Tangible Asset (NTA) -0.22
P/E ratio 8.000
Sector P/E --
EPS 304.60
Net Profit Margin (%) 2.01%
Gross Cash Flows Per Share 0.16
Net Gearing 4.34%
Sales Per Share 1.07
Book Value Per Share 1.22

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About Company

Tabcorp Holdings Limited (ASX:TAH) is an Australia-based provider of gambling and other entertainment services. The company primarily operates two business units; one of them offers Wagering and Media services, and the other one provides gaming services.   Tabcorp Holdings Limited (ASX:TAH) was listed on ASX in the year 1994. The company operates three brands under its umbrella: TAB TAB is the biggest multichannel wagering brand in Australia. The brand offers a wide range of better experiences to its users across several digital channels and in retail across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory and the ACT. Sky Racing and Sky Sports Radio  Sky Racing and Sky Sports Radio, operated under Tabcorp Holdings Limited (ASX:TAH), is responsible for broadcasting racing and sports programs and expert sports analysis throughout Australia and globally.   MAX:  MAX is the leading gaming service provider in Australia that is operated under Tabcorp Holdings Limited (ASX:TAH). MAX is known for offering a complete solution platform for venues, government, and industry. MAX is also focused on supporting and promoting a healthy and responsible gaming environment for the welfare of every venue and community on a daily basis. 

Corporate Information

Level 21, Tower 2, 727 Collins Street, MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3008

Phone:(03) 9246 6010



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Event Calendar

Event Type Event Date Event Year
Report (Annual) 2023-08-23 2023
Report (Prelim) 2023-08-23 2023
Report (Interim) 2023-02-16 2023