HEICO Corporation is an electronics and aerospace company domiciled in Florida, the United States.

The company, founded in 1957, manufactures, sells and designs aerospace services and products through its subsidiaries.

The customers of the company include automotive and airlines, military agencies, and defense contractors from all over the world, including United States Navy, United States Air force and NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration).

It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker ‘HEI’.

HEICO Corp claims to be among the largest independent provider of aircraft replacement parts that are FAA-approved. It also provides various aircraft overhaul services, accessories, component repair for electro mechanical, pneumatic applications and avionics.

HEICO also claims to be a leader in niche market that distributes parts and manufactures critical parts of aircraft.

The solutions of the company include designing new parts, proprietary, manufacturing, designated engineering representatives, specialty product and distribution manufacturing, repair & overhauls.

HEICO Corp also partners with various airlines all over the world with innovative part development arrangements. Its electronic technology group is involved into manufacturing, sale and designing of high quality, high reliability, mission critical subsystems and subcomponents used in defense, aviation, medical, electronics, telecommunication, and other systems.

The products of electronic technologies group include microwave latching ferrite switches, hybrid DC-to-DC converters, high voltage cable assemblies, infrared cameras, digital recorders, power supplies, shielding, and amplifiers.

HEICO Corp portfolio of products also includes satellites, missiles, and airplanes.

It also supplies products related to electronics, medical and non-fight defense systems.

The subsidiaries of the company are Jet Avion, Seal Dynamics, Prime Air, CSI Aerospace, Action Research Corporation, Future Aviation, Prime Air, Turbine Kinetics Inc, Blue Aerospace, Harter Aerospace, LPI Corporation, Seal Dynamics, Leader Tech, Pyramid semiconductors, Quell, Lucix, and Lumina Power.

Under the electronics technologies group, the US-based firm manufactures, designs, and sells various types of data and microwave, electronic, and electro-optical products.

Contact Information

company address 3000 Taft Street Hollywood, FL 3302 United States

company phone1 954 987 4000

company websitewww.heico.com

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