Corning Inc


Corning Inc is a publicly listed international company domiciled in New York, the United States.

The American technology firm produces cable, photonic component and optic fiber. It caters to telecommunication industry.

It also produces liquid crystal display (LCD) glasses, glass panels, projection video lens, and assemblies used by information display industry. The company’s trading symbol on the NYSE is ‘GLW’.

The company operates nearly 10 global research & development centers in North America, Asia and Europe.

The American firm claims to be in the business for around 170 years and collaborates with the customers to solve technological challenges faced by them.

In addition, it claims to be among the leading innovators of material science with a track record in making life changing inventions.

The company reportedly leverage its unparalleled experience and expertise in ceramic science, optical physics and glass science. It has deep engineering and manufacturing capabilities to produce various category defined products.

The firm says its capabilities are synergistic and versatile that helps people to capture new opportunities. The New York-based company claims to be a trusted supplier to pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, since the introduction of PYREX glass in 1915.

Today, it claims to be a leader in cell culture solution, lab products, specialty services and bioprocess vessels.

The company also provides a reliable access to medicines along with their revolutionary new glass packaging, which are used for delivery and drug storage.

Some of the product offerings includes wireless technologies, damage resistant glass mobile covers, precision glass for advance displays, optical fiber and connectivity solutions.

The firm operates through subsidiaries like Axygen Inc, Corning Gillbert Inc, Corning Mexicana SA, Mediatech Inc, Corning Optical Communications LLC, Sorenson Bioscience Inc, Alliance Fiber Optic Products, PZ HTL SA, Keraglass SNC, EUrokera SNC, Corning Tropel Corp, Corning China Ltd, Corning NetOptix Inc, Eurokera, and Corning GmbH.

Contact Information

company address 1 Riverfront Plaza Corning, NY 14831 United States.

company phone91 124 460 4000

company email[email protected]


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