Twilio is a cloud-based communication platform based in America.
The headquarters of the company is located in California, the United States.

Founders Jeff Lawson, John Wolthuis, Evan Cooke set up the firm in March 2008. It designs, develops and builds internet infrastructure solutions. They offer cloud computing platform that allows internet protocol voice communication, web developers for integrating phone calls, text message to mobile, web and phone application.

It claims to have a global presence. Twilio’s stocks are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the quote of ‘TWLO’.

The company claims to have democratized communication channel which includes chats, voice, text, and email. It virtualizes the communication infrastructure of the world through APIs that are simple to power most demanding applications.

In addition, it says that millions of developers all over the world uses Twilio’s platform for unlocking the magic of communication so as to improve human experience. They are making communication a part of all the developer’s toolkit.

The company enables innovators across all industry to emerge as a leader to become the world’s largest organization and reinvent the ways in which the companies engage with their customers, reportedly.

The San Francisco-based company operates through 26 offices in around 17 countries. Furthermore, it claims to have infrastructure for supporting communication all over the world.

The company says that different apps can use the Twilio logo and name, which is an indication that the services provided are built through Twilio. It emphasizes that the company’s logo is the first interaction that people will have with the brand.

The products portfolio of the tech company includes Video, IoT, Authentication, Messaging.

The US-based company portfolio of solutions include text marketing, collaboration, account security, commerce communication, etc. It claims to provide high-quality network.

The company claims to negotiate contracts with the carriers that helps the networking team to set up interconnections. Am algorithm needs to be built for monitoring, failover and routing, the firm claims.

Contact Information

company address 645 Harrison Street 3rd Floor San Francisco, CA 94107 United States.

company phone65 313 9142


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