Telkom Indonesia (Persero) is a telecommunications firm operating out of its headquarters in Bandung, Indonesia.

The firm’s origin dates back to the early 1900s but it was formed as a limited liability state owned firm in 1991.

The Indonesian company provides a wide variety of domestic telecommunication services. It has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1995. The trading symbol is ‘TLK’ on NYSE. In addition, it is also listed on the domestic stock exchange of Indonesia under the symbol ‘TLKM’.

Its American Depository Receipts in form on Series B stocks are traded on NYSE. The firm says that one ADR, a negotiable certificate, represents 100 Series B stocks. ADRs enables US-based investors to engage in trading of securities of foreign companies in the US financial market.

The state-owned limited enterprise is engaged in telecommunications networks, communication, and information technology services across Indonesia.

Government of Republic of Indonesia has its majority shares i.e., 52.09%, while the rest are owned by the public. The firm is aiming to transform into a digital telecommunication company along with implementing customer-oriented operations and business strategies.

Presently, the Indonesian company operates under three digital business domains namely, Digital Connectivity, Digital Service and Digital Platform.

The Digital Services segment caters to the consumers and enterprise, while Digital Connectivity focuses on providing 5G, Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Fiber to x (FTTx ), Software Defined Ntworking (SND), satellite services, etc.

Through its digital platform segment, the company focuses on Internet of Things (IoT), Data Center, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, etc.

The company claims to support national digitalization. In addition, it aims to provide long term value to its stockholders.

The Indonesian firm operates through various subsidiaries, namely Metranet, Telkomsel, Telkommetra, Mitratel, TelkomAkses, Telin, Telkomsat, Telkominfra, and TelkomProperty.

The telecom firm aims to provide simple, timely and fast information services using communication and information technology.

Contact Information

company address Jl. Japati No. 1, Bandung 40133, Indonesia

company phone(62) (22) 452-7

company email[email protected]


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