PPL Corporation (NYSE: PPL) is an American electric utility holding company. It is engaged in electricity distribution, generation and transmission business.

The utility holding company operates in the following geographic regions:
• Pennsylvania Regulated Segment
• United Kingdom Regulated Segment
• Kentucky Regulated Segment

U.K. Regulated Segment

The electricity firm manages the operations of Western Power Distribution in distributing the regulated electricity under the regulated segment.

Kentucky Regulated Segment

The segment comprises of operations of a gas and electricity firm it acquired in 2010. The company is engaged in electricity transmission, generation, and distribution of energy services. In addition, it also provides the same services to Kentucky Utilities Company. This segment also supervises the distribution and selling of the natural gas of the Louisville Gas and Electric Company.

Pennsylvania Regulated Segment

The segment deals with the transmission, distribution, and other related operations of regulated electricity of PPL Electric Utilities Corporation. The firm claims to provide electricity in the different states of the US.

In addition, it also focuses on the distribution of natural gases for its customers in Kentucky.

The utility holding company is engaged in electricity generation from power plant facilities located in Kentucky. It primarily operates and provides its services in the Pennsylvania’s central and eastern regions.

The company is based in Pennsylvania and claims to provide energy services to around 2.5 million customers. In addition, it also claims that the energy generation facilities have an estimated capacity of around 7,500 megawatts.

The US-based company operates through a network of over 83,000 miles of gas and electric lines. In addition, it claims to provide 36 billion KW/h of electricity.

The Pennsylvania-based firm, a S&P 500 firm, is listed on United States’ top trading platforms, NYSE. Its common stocks are exchanged under ticker of 'PPL'.

In addition, the utility holding company is among 2000 public firms in the Forbes global rankings.

Contact Information

company address 2 N 9TH St Allentown​, PA, 18101-1179 United States

company phone610-774-5151

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://www.pplweb.com/

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