Northrop Grumman Corp (NYSE:NOC)


Northrop Grumman Corp is an American multinational defense technology and aerospace company.

It was formed as Northrop Aircraft Incorporated in 1939. However, in 1985, it was reincorporated as Northrop Corporation.

The publicly listed company is headquartered in Virginia, the United States.

It is a global security company that provides products, technology systems and solutions for information systems, electronics, technical services, and aerospace. The company is a leading player in the global defense and aerospace industry.

Northrop Grumman Corp provides advanced products, including next-generation spacecraft, electronic warfare systems, cutting-edge aircraft, manned aircraft, radar systems, and cybersecurity systems. It also provides threat detection and prevention capabilities for land, cyber, space, sea, etc.

Northrop Grumman Corp claims to serve the US forces by continuous developments, deliveries and designing weapons with speed, precision, firepower and fielded enemy weapon range system.

Through its innovative technology, the technology company provides solutions for survival and defence capabilities. Some of the weapons include AARGM-ER, Extended Range Rocket Motors, propulsion systems, etc.

The company claims that its Lethality Enhanced Ordnance (LEO) plays a vital role in survivability by eliminating unexploded ordnance left on the battlefield. In addition, the system provides enhanced munitions range and is tested on warheads as small as ½lb up to 250lbs, the aerospace company claims.

It reportedly focuses on EMW innovations by leveraging traditional spectrum-base and using its C4ISR, strike expertise and advance cyber capabilities. In addition, Northrop Grumman Corp develops reliable, precision-target and low-cost weapons.

Its electromagnetic and cyberspace spectrum (EMS) is equipped with wireless capabilities used for IP-based networking. The company also provides intelligence and cyber services to customers engaged in research, analysis, maintenance, architecture design, integrated logistics, modification, and in-service monitoring.

The global company operates through various subsidiaries, including North Grumman System Corporation, North Grumman Space Technology, North Grumman Federal Civil System, Inc, FDC Technologies, Inc, etc.

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company address 2980 Fairview Park Drive Falls Church, VA 22042

company phone(703) 280-2900


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